Special Downtown Operations Start Tomorrow

The Corpus Christi Police Department will begin special operations in the downtown area for the July 4th “Big Bang” celebration starting tomorrow morning.

The Corpus Christi Police Department Traffic Division will have thirteen Officers in traffic units and nine on motorcycles that will work beginning at 7 AM with the “Four for the Fourth Four Mile Run” starting at the Ortiz Center.

At 4 PM the Traffic Division will have another fifteen additional Officers report for duty.  These Officers will have stationary post in the downtown area at intersections to assist with traffic flow.

Also at 4 PM the Patrol Division will have twelve additional officers report for duty.  They will ride on ATV’s and most will be assigned to patrol the area along the seawall and parks on Shoreline Drive.   A few other Officers will be assigned to North Beach.

All extra Officers will work until the festivities have concluded.

First Friday Fun Fact

The Corpus Christi Police Department will begin a campaign called “First Friday Fun Fact” that will focus on different Texas traffic laws.  It will run on the first Friday of each month. 

One of the biggest misconceptions in the arena of lane markings is the meaning of the double-yellow line with regards to left turns.  A double-yellow line simply means “no passing”; it does not prohibit left turns.  In fact, you are specifically permitted by statute to turn left over double yellow lines:

(b)  An operator may not drive on the left side of the roadway in a no-passing zone or on the left side of any pavement striping designed to mark a no-passing zone.  This subsection does not prohibit a driver from crossing pavement striping, or the center line in a no-passing zone marked by signs only, to make a left turn into or out of an alley or private road or driveway.

Additional information
There is an exception to the above rule: if there are two sets of double-yellow lines, you may not cross over at all, including for left turns.  These areas are defined as 
“flush median islands.”  As such, they have the same purpose and function as a physical traffic island and are legally enforceable as a “dividing space.”  (see below.)  These areas often also have diagonal hash markings to help emphasize that they’re off-limits.


Special Beach Operations Start Tomorrow

Corpus Christi Code of Ordinances Section 10-59 applies to this area
Corpus Christi Code of Ordinances Section 10-59 applies to this area

The Corpus Christi Police Department will begin special operations for the July 4th  weekend tomorrow morning.

The overtime assignment will bring ten additional officers to Padre Island starting Friday, July 3;  through Sunday, July 5.  The extra officers will  work  from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The officers will meet at the Tortuga Dunes Island Substation and be available to assist Independence Day weekend crowds that want to enjoy the beach.


There is a dog ban in place for the Holiday weekend from Access Rd. 3 to Zahn Rd.
City Ordinance Sec. 10-59 Prohibition of Dogs on Certain Portions of the Beach during July Fourth Weekend.

 No Driving in the Dunes – Vehicles may not be driven or parked on the “dune” side of the beach mile markers.
City Ordinance Sec. 10-72 Obstruction of the Main Traveled Highway.

No glass containers are allowed on the beach.
City Ordinance Sec. 10-65 Glass Bottles and Glass Containers Prohibited.


Patrol Report 07/02/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 896 calls for service and generated 190 reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. July 1 to 7:00 a.m. on July 2, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.


“CHARLIE” District
Date: 07/01/2015       1:10 AM
Location: 4300 Montego Drive
Offense: Hit and Run Crash
T.C. 550.022  Class B Misdemeanor
Case Number: 1507010010
A 26 year old female driver lost control of her truck after being hit by another vehicle traveling down the 4300 block of Holly Road.

The female told Officers that she was driving her, 2013 GMC Sierra truck, east on Holly Road when she was side swiped by a vehicle on the passenger side of her truck causing her to lose control and leave the roadway.

Her truck struck a light pole and then went through a wooden fence striking the two vehicles in the driveway of a home at 4341 Montego Drive.

The vehicle that hit her truck fled the scene and was not located.

The driver, and her 31 year old female passenger, were both transported to Spohn Memorial Hospital by CCFD EMS with injuries not believed to be life threatening.
1 (3)

Damaged property  at 4341 Montego Drive

2 (3)

Damaged property  at 4341 Montego Drive


Truck that crashed into property and cars at 4341 Montego Drive

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Phlebotomist On Duty Starting Tonight

The Fourth of July holiday often leads to an increase in the number of Driving While Intoxicated arrests made by the Corpus Christi Police Department.

We want everyone to enjoy the festivities of the Fourth of July holiday and ask that you act responsibly by not drinking and driving in our city. All drivers should avoid the risk of arrest, incarceration or tragedy that is associated with driving while intoxicated. In an effort to assist law enforcement agencies in the investigation of suspected intoxicated drivers, the Nueces County District Attorney’s Office will provide a trained phlebotomist at the City of Corpus Christi Detention Center from 10pm to 4am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

The Corpus Christi Police Department remains a “no refusal” agency all of the time. However during this holiday period, when a trained phlebotomist is at the CDC, our officers will not have to take suspects to the hospital in order to get a blood sample. This will make the DWI investigation more efficient and will get our officers back on the street much quicker.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers Release Second Quarter Statistics for 2015

The Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers has the statistical report for the second quarter for 2015 to provide to the public.

There have been 1,167 calls to Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers in 2015 which have resulted in 69 arrests and $28,800 dollars in rewards approved. There have been 49 fugitives apprehended as a result of Crime Stoppers tips in Corpus Christi. There have been $1,000 dollars worth of property recovered, and $1,580 dollars worth of narcotics seized because of tips from the public to the Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers in the community to provide information to Police about unsolved crimes. Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers guarantees that anyone who calls Crime Stoppers will remain completely anonymous for their protection, so the caller will never be known to the criminal, never be compelled to appear in court, and not be subject to investigation. Crime Stoppers offers rewards to overcome the challenge of apathy and as a tool to provide incentive for those who are not willing to communicate with law enforcement. The rewards and operating expenses are entirely from donations and no tax dollars go toward the Crime Stoppers program.

Anyone with any information about an unsolved crime or knows the location of a fugitive should call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS (8477) or submit the tip online at www.888TIPS.com. Anyone who would like to donate to Crime Stoppers can find out more at the website or visit the Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers facebook page. Crime Stoppers is the link between law enforcement, the media, and the public in an effort to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime, and enhance public safety.

Fourth of July Vehicle Auction

The City of Corpus Christi will auction 92 cars, trucks, and motorcycles at the  Police Vehicle Impound Lot, located at 5485 Greenwood Drive, on Saturday, July  4, 2015 at 10:00 am.

The general public is encouraged to register and view the vehicles for auction from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Friday, July 3. The general public can continue to  view the vehicles from 8:00 am to 10:00 am on the day of the auction.

The vehicles for auction may be viewed online and an auction list may be downloaded from www.siskauction.com.

auction (3)

Suspect Walks Out With Accordions

Date: 6/25/2015            2:05 PM
Location: 2701 South Padre Island Drive
Offense: Felony Theft
P.C. 31.02        State Jail Felony
Case Number: 1506250077

Corpus Christi Police Detectives have released camera surveillance images of a suspect they believe stole two accordions valued at $6000 each from Clawson’s Music Store located at 2701 South Padre Island Drive on June 25 just after 2 PM.

Store employees told Officers that the man came into the store and asked to see both accordions.  When the employee left the man alone, and went to go ask store management about a price, the man grabbed both musical instruments and ran out the front door of the store without paying.

Detectives were able to obtain camera images from the store security system of the suspect.  He was last seen wearing a t-shirt, blue jeans, white tennis shoes and a ball cap.

The suspect in this case was not located and Detectives need your help in identifying this individual.  Anyone with information about this case should call the Corpus Christi Police Property Crimes Detectives at 886-2840. Anyone who would like to keep their identity secret and provide information to the Detectives should call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS (8477) or submit the tip online at http://www.888TIPS.com. Information provided to Crime Stoppers which results in an arrest may earn the caller a cash reward.

Suspect looking at items


Suspect walking out of store with items

Patrol Report 07/01/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 869 calls for service and generated 198 reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. June 30 to 7:00 a.m. on July 1, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.


“BRAVO” District
Date: 06/30/2015       8:55 PM
Location: 2200 Capitan Drive
Offense: Assault
P.C. 22.01       Class A Misdemeanor
Case Number: 1506300138
A 44 year old man called Corpus Christi Police after a female friend of his was assaulted inside her home, located at 2206 Capitan Drive, by her husband.

When Officers arrived they were told by the 35 year old female victim that her husband had left earlier to walk the dog and was gone for a long time. When he returned, he was intoxicated and the victim was visiting with a male friend.

The victim said that her husband told her friend to leave. After her friend went outside, her husband grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the bedroom. The friend heard the disturbance while he was outside and called police.

The female then locked herself in a bathroom to try and prevent her husband from getting to her. Her husband kicked in the bath room door and attempted to grabbed her again.

Officers arrived and observed minor injuries to the female and a bathroom door that had been destroyed.

When Officers went to arrest the husband, Tory Jackson (01/02/1977), he attempted to flee on foot. When Officers caught up to him, he physically resisted arrest. Officers were able to take the husband into custody and he was charged with assault, evading arrest on foot, and resisting arrest, all Class A misdemeanors.

The female victim did not suffer any serious bodily injures.

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Patrol Report 06/30/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 845 calls for service and generated 236 reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. June 29 to 7:00 a.m. on June 30, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.


“ADAM” District
Date: 06/29/2015       4:55 PM
Location: 6200 Interstate 37 Access Road South
Offense: Aggravated Robbery
P.C. 29.03       First Degree Felony
Case Number: 1506290114
A 40 year old female motel employee called Corpus Christi Police after a female suspect came into the office of the Val Stay Inn, located at 6255 Interstate 37 Access Road South, and assaulted her.

The motel employee told Officers that she was sitting at the cashier desk counting money when the female approached her and attempted to strangle her with a white rope or string that she was carrying.  During a struggle between the two, the female suspect  grabbed a handful of money from the drawer.  She then fled the office with a small amount of cash in her hand.

The victim refused any medical treatment, and Officers have not located the female suspect.

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