No Trailer Inspections This Wednesday

The Corpus Christi Police Auto Theft Task Force will NOT be doing 68a Trailer Inspections at the impound lot on November 25 due to the upcoming holidays.   

The next scheduled inspections will occur on Wednesday, December 2 at 9 AM at the Impound Yard located at 5485 Greenwood Drive.


Officer Involved Shooting

Date: November 23, 2015
Time: 12:15 am
Location: 5000 Concord Dr.

At 12:01am, Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to the 5000 Concord Dr. in reference to an overdose. Upon arrival, officers were confronted by a 49-year-old male with a knife. The responding officers communicated with the suspect and at some point during the confrontation a TASER was deployed but was ineffective. The suspect came at the officers with the knife. Fearing for their safety, the officer fired his weapon, striking the suspect in the torso. The suspect was transported to Spohn Memorial and at the time of this report his condition is unknown.

The Officers involved will be placed on Administrative Duty, as per policy, pending the investigation. None of the Officers at the scene were injured.

Detectives with the Criminal Investigation Division and Forensics Division will work this evening to gather more information and interview those present during the incident.

There will be more details available sometime Monday afternoon.

Patrol Report 11/20/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 996 calls for service and generated 201 reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. November 19 to 7:00 a.m. on November 20, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.

Date: 11/19/2015       5:00 PM
Location: 1400 Leopard Street
Offense: Evading Arrest
P.C.  38.04     Class A Misdemeanor
Case Number: 1511190111
A wanted person who tried to hide under a house in the 700 block of Sam Rankin Street, to evade capture, was arrested by Corpus Christi Police.

An Officer, working for the RTA, was at the bus stop in the 1400 block of Leopard Street when he recognized Javier Cantu (04/11/1982) and knew he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for failure to register as a sex offender.   When the Officer went to detain the wanted person he ran away on foot down Sam Rankin Street towards Antelope Street.

Officers found the man trying to hide from them underneath a house on Sam Rankin Street and he refused to come out.   Corpus Christi Police SWAT and HNT Officers responded to the scene and were able to talk the man into coming out from under the home and he was arrested for the outstanding warrants and for evading police on foot.

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Two Arrest Warrants Issued After Shooting At PMI

Date: 11/07/2015       10:50 AM
Location: 4900 Greenwood Drive
Offense: Aggravated Assault
P.C.  22.02     Second Degree Felony

Case Number: 1511070064
Corpus Christi Police Detectives have issued two arrest warrants for a man and a women they believe were involved in a shooting at the PMI Store, located in the 4900 block of Greenwood Drive, on November 7. 

The two arrest warrants, obtained yesterday, are for Jonathan Martinez (12/30/1988) for aggravated assault. The warrant has a bond amount of $50,000. The other wanted person is Destiny Tovar (08/13/1992). She is also wanted for aggravated assault. The warrant for her has a bond amount of $20,000

On Saturday, November 7 just before 11 AM, a 53 year old man was shot in the upper right leg as he stood outside the PMI Store after two females go into a disturbance with each other.

Words were exchanged between the female driver of a silver vehicle, believed to be Tovar, and a 23 year old female driver of a white Nissan in the parking lot. Two men that were inside the store came running out to assist their female friend in the white Nissan and when one of the males approached Tovar’s car, Jonathan Martinez, a passenger inside, opened fire.

Several shots were fired from the silver vehicle, and one of the bullets struck the victim who was near the pay phone.   He was taken to Spohn Memorial Hospital by CCFD EMS. The store was struck twice by bullets and the carwash next door was also hit.

At this time, the neither suspect is in custody and both remain at large.


Destiny Tovar (08/13/1992)



Jonathan Martinez (12/30/1988)


Patrol Report 11/19/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 913 calls for service and generated 186 reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. November 18 to 7:00 a.m. on November 19, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.



Date: 11/18/2015       10:00 PM
Location: 2200 Carolyn Drive
Offense: Deadly Conduct
P.C.  22.05     Third Degree Felony
Case Number: 1511180141
Corpus Christi Police responded to a drive by shooting at an apartment, located in the 2200 block of Carolyn Drive.

When Officers arrived they found that an apartment had been struck by two bullets in a rear bedroom wall.  The two bullets penetrated the apartment wall and were both lodged near a closet in the bedroom.   A parked 2001 Ford Expedition SUV had also been struck once shattering a passenger side front window.

It is unknown how many shots were fired at the apartment, but none of the four people inside were injured.

Witnesses told Officers that the shots were fired from a silver sedan that was seen passing by on the street at the time of the shooting.

At this time no suspects have been identified.

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Wanted Female Located In Robstown

Location: 2500 Hulbirt Street
Offense: Injury to a Disabled Person Arrest Update
P.C. 22.04     Second Degree Felony

Case Number: 1511100094
A women who was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant in connection to an injury to a disabled person case that occurred at a home in the 2500 block of Hulbirt Street on November 10  was arrested by Robstown Police on Tuesday.

Corpus Christi Police Detectives had obtained an arrest warrant on November 12 for Chriscelda Villafranco (01/16/1987) for injury to an elderly person, a second degree felony.

Detectives believe she was the primary caregiver charged with the wellbeing of a 57 year old disabled and bed ridden female that was found living in uninhabitable conditions.

Patrol Report 11/18/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 923 calls for service and generated 209 reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. November 17 to 7:00 a.m. on November 18, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.



Date: 11/17/2015       8:40 PM
Location: 1500 South Port Avenue
Offense: Aggravated Robbery
P.C.  29.03     First Degree Felony
Case Number: 1511170148
An employee of the Family Dollar Store, located in the 1500 block of South Port Avenue, called Corpus Christi Police after a man armed with a screwdriver robbed the business.

Officers arrived and were told by the female store clerk that a heavy set Hispanic male with a short fade haircut and light colored hoodie jacket entered the store demanding all the money from the cash register. When the clerk did not give the suspect any money he ran around the counter to retrieve the cash himself.

The clerk pushed the panic alarm button under the counter and the suspect exited the store.

At this time no arrests have been made.

Officers were able to obtain camera images of the suspect while he was inside the store.   If you recognize the suspect call 361-886-2840 or 888-TIPS. 


Suspect walking around the store

 suspect1 (2)

Suspect walking into the store


Close up of suspect in the store

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Keep Your Hands Off The Bats

After three separate reports of humans coming into contact with bats, the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services wants to remind people to never touch a bat.

On November 9, a 48-year-old female went to get medical treatment when she came down with a fever, fatigue, and body aches after handling a bat with her bare hands at work.  The female said that she found the bat on the ground, and picked it up.  Doctors are planning on starting the woman on rabies treatment.

Earlier in the week, a 59-year-old female was at work when she was struck in the back of her head by a flying bat.  Doctors are also planning to start her on the rabies treatment.

A 26-year-old truck driver was attacked last week by a bunch of bats when he was leaving the loading dock of business in the Five Points area.  He was given the rabies treatment as a precaution.

Bats have such small teeth, most people do not even know that they have been bitten.  Bats also can secrete the rabies virus in their saliva. Since bats are a carrier for the rabies virus, it is very dangerous to touch one with your bare hands.

Animal Care Services will not respond to calls regarding bats flying around, however, if you find one on the ground call 361-826-4622.


Patrol Report 11/17/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 985 calls for service and generated   reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. November 15 to 7:00 a.m. on November 16, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.


Date: 11/16/2015       9:25 PM
Location: 8000 Yorktown Boulevard
Offense: Fatal Crash
Case Number: C1504984
Corpus Christi Police responded to the 8000 block of Yorktown Boulevard after a man that was walking in the roadway was hit by a vehicle.

When Officers arrived they found that the 30 year old pedestrian had been struck by the 2013 Chevrolet truck had been killed.

Traffic Officers responded and the crash investigation revealed that the man was walking east on Yorktown Boulevard when the truck, also traveling east, struck him from behind and killed him.  The driver of the truck told Investigators that he did not see the man in the roadway until it was too late. Other witnesses also told Officers that they saw the man dart into the path of other vehicles before he was hit.

While investigating this case, Officers determined that the driver of the truck, Joseph Palmatier (01/27/1982), was under the influence of marijuana. He was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

At this time Traffic Officers continue to investigate this case and the driver has not been charged with any crimes in regards to the crash with the pedestrian.

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Beware of IRS Phone Scam

An aggressive and sophisticated phone scam targeting citizens in Corpus Christi has been making the rounds again.

Callers claim to be employees of the Internal Revenue Service. These callers can sound very convincing when they call. They use fake names and bogus IRS identification badge numbers to help fool the people they are targeting. They usually know some information about the person they are calling and they can even alter the caller ID to make it look like the IRS is calling.

Victims are told they owe money to the IRS and it must be paid promptly through a pre-loaded debit card or wire transfer. If the victim refuses to cooperate, they are then threatened with arrest, deportation or suspension of a business or driver’s license. In many cases, the caller becomes hostile and insulting.

Victims may also be told that they have a tax refund coming to them from the IRS. This is a trick used to get private banking information from you.

The Internal Revenue Service wants everyone to know that they will never:

1) Call to demand immediate payment, nor will the agency call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill.

2) Demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed.

3) Require you to use a specific payment method for your taxes, such as a prepaid debit card or wire transfer.

4) Ask for your credit or debit card numbers over the phone.

5) Threaten to bring the police or other federal law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for not paying.


If you have any questions regarding a solicitation that you have received,  you can call the Better Business Bureau at 361-852-4949.

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