Car Burglars Caught in The Act

10.9.2011/11:05pm   4706 Columbia Pkwy   Burglary of Vehicle/Poss of Marijuana   1110090129

Officer Alejandro was conducting Traffic Enforcement on the 4600 block of Columbia when he observed a vehicle turn off its lights before coming to a stop. The Officer then saw the passenger get out of the vehicle, walk up to two homes on Columbia and attempt to burglarize two vehicles. Once the Burglar was back in the vehicle, the Officer was able to call for backup and then make a traffic stop.

Officers made contact with Johnny Barrera (8.8.1990) and Teodoro Anguiano (1.3.1983). One Officer checked the two vehicles on Columbia and found one to have its door open and looked to have been ransacked. The Officer made contact with the vehicle owner who confirmed that his vehicle was damaged and had been burglarized. Both Barrera and Anguiano were arrested for the Burglary.

Barrera was also found to have marijuana in his sock and was additionally charged.