Officers and Recruits Volunteer to help the Community

Corpus Christi Police Department South Side Directed Patrol Officer Javier Cantu and the entire 70th CCPD Police Academy class will spend the day assisting two elderly females in beautifying and cleaning out their home.  One of the females is bedridden, while the other female takes care of her.

Adult Protective Services had to remove the ladies from the home until their residence is deemed fit to live in again.  While Officers and the Cadets are cleaning up the home, Adult Protective Service have provided these ladies a place to stay until they can return home.

The 70th Police Academy volunteered for this community police project and overwhelmingly agreed that it was the right thing to do and part of their job as public servants.  The cadets feel helping the citizens of Corpus Christi is one of the reasons they want to be Police Officers.

All Officers and Cadets will meet at the Corpus Christi Police Department Training Center, 4510 Corona, Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 8:00 a.m.  They will go from the Training Center to the home, where the work will begin.