At approximately 6:01 am on Tuesday, December 28, 2021, officers were dispatched to the 7100 block of South Padre Island Drive for a major crash. 

Upon arrival, officers located a vehicle with 3 individuals, one who was entangled in the vehicle.  The passengers were all extracted from the vehicle with help from the Corpus Christi Fire Department.  

A 43-year-old female was the driver and she had two passengers; a 25-year-old female who was the front passenger and a minor child who was the rear passenger.  

The driver for unknown reasons, accelerated from a stopped position in the parking lot, and at a high rate of speed drove through a gate and collided with the building.  The cause of the accident is still under investigation

The 25-year-old passenger sustained critical injuries.  She was taken into emergency surgery and later succumbed to her injuries.  The 25-year-old female was pregnant and an emergency cesarean was performed, the infant was last reported to be in stable condition.  

The 43-year-old driver and the minor child both sustained serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.  They were both admitted to the hospital for treatment.  

Investigators arrived and upon making contact with the driver, it appeared that she was under the influence of an unknown substance.  Investigators were able to obtain a blood sample, which has been sent to a DPS lab for review. 

Through their investigation, Investigators believe they have enough probable cause to charge the driver.  The 43-year-old female will be charged for one count of Intoxication Manslaughter and two counts of Injury to a Child.  

Warrants are in the process of being secured.  The driver is expected to be arrested upon release from the hospital.