Patrol Report October 3, 2016

Date: Friday, September 30, 2016, 9:54pm
Location: 1515 Ennis Joslin
Offense: Continuous Violence Against the Family (PC 25.11), Unlawful Restraint (PC 20.02)
Case Number: 1609300153

Corpus Christi Police Officers responded to an assault with injuries at 1515 Ennis Joslin. Officers arrived and made contact with the 37 year old female victim. She had blood about her face and chest. The victim advised that she and the 28 year old male suspect began arguing about another female that he was seeing. The victim decided to remove herself from the situation. As the victim was getting ready to leave the apartment the suspect became physical with her. He pushed her on the bed, tried to push her in the closet and bathroom during the struggle.

The suspect began hitting the victim with a closed fist. He hit her several times in the face and about her arms as she tried to block the onslaught of punches. The victim had bruising on her arms and a severe laceration above and below her right eye. There was also a lot of blood throughout the apartment. During the struggle a picture was broke and the suspect threatened the victim with a large piece of glass. He would also cover her mouth and pinch her nose to cut off her air.

The victim distracted the suspect and was able to escape the apartment and get help. The suspect fled the scene in a white Dodge Ram pickup. The victim stated that the suspects assaults her at least once a month to varying degrees. The scene was processed and the victim was treated at the scene and released. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2016, 2:42AM
Location: 11101 Gulf Beach (Marker 199)
Offense: Robbery (PC 29.02)
Case Number: 1610010023

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 11101 Gulf Beach Rd. in reference to a robbery. Upon arrival at beach marker 199 officers made contact with the 27 year old male victim. He had dried blood about his ears and redness around his eyes.

The victim stated that he was supposed to meet up with some other people at beach marker 199. When he arrived he observed a group of people and thought it was his friends. As he stopped he noticed that it was not his friends. The victim had a friend riding with him in his truck. His friend asked the victim if he heard something hit his truck. The victim decided to leave the area. They stopped across the way from the other group. The victim stated that he was approached by 3 males . He stated that they asked him if they threw beer bottles at their trucks. The victim told them no, that someone threw one at his. As he (the victim) was getting out of his truck to talk with them, one of the males pulled him out of the truck and began punching him in the face. They then threw him on the ground and began kicking him and took his wallet. The victim was able to get away and the male suspects fled the scene towards JP Luby.

The suspects were described as a stocky Hispanic male, a white male with long blonde hair driving a large lifted 4X4 pickup. The suspects were not located.

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2016, 3:12PM
Location: 1100 Annapolis
Offense: Injury to the Elderly (PC 22.04)
Case Number: 1610010062

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to 1100 Annapolis in reference to a disturbance. As officers were en route they were advised that one half of the disturbance had left.

Officers made contact with a 22 year old female witness. She advised that the 24 year old female suspect stopped at the residence to drop off a child. The suspect was honking her horn. The suspect left only to return a short time later and began honking her horn again. The witness called the suspect and told her to stop honking and come to the door like a normal person. The suspect came to the door and began knocking loudly it. The witness answered the door and a argument began and became physical.

The 68 year old female was sitting on the porch and observed the altercation. The victim tried to intervene and was punched in the arm by the suspect. The suspect then pushed the victim out of the way causing her to fall off the porch.  The suspect fled the scene in a grey Ford Escape. Officers attempted to contact the suspect at her residence but she was not located.

Corpus Christi Police Daily Blotter

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