Officer On A Motorcycle Involved In A Crash

Occurred Wednesday, March 28, 2012 11:06am Police Motorcycle Crash C1202311

Senior Officer B. Browning, while on duty and on a motorcycle, was involved in a vehicle crash at the 400 block of South Carancahua Street Wednesday morning.

The Enduro Unit traveled to the left side of a tan Chevy Trail Blazer. The Trail Blazer changed direction into the lane the officer traveled which caused the officer to lose balance and fall to the ground. The officer struck his helmet on the pavement.

The operator of the Trail Blazer stopped the vehicle and helped the officer momentarily until other officers arrived. The woman in the Trail Blazer then left the scene, but returned when she learned she was involved in the crash. Investigators believe there was no contact between the vehicles and the woman was not aware that she was involved in the crash when she left the scene.

Witnesses to the crash told police that the woman may have been talking on her cell phone when the unsafe lane change was conducted. The woman in the Trail Blazer was cited for the crash.

The officer on the motorcycle was transported to Spohn Memorial Hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Corpus Christi Police warn motorists to watch for all vehicles, especially smaller vehicles like motorcycles and bicycles, when traveling on the roadway. Police warn to check all blind spots and carefully pay attention to all who share the road.

Corpus Christi Police also warn that use of the cell phone while operating a vehicle may be a distraction. The use of a hands free device is the best option if a phone call is necessary while operating a vehicle.