Metrocom Training Academy 2012-43 Graduates

The Corpus Christi Police Department celebrated the graduation of five Metrocom Technicians Friday. Metrocom is the call center for the emergency services of Nueces County. Metrocom receives calls from individuals who need assistance from police officers, fire fighters, and Emergency Medical Services. The calls are prioritized and then resources are dispatched to provide the needed service. Metrocom is housed at the Corpus Christi Police Department building and is responsible for the direction of all emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

The Metrocom training is a 6 week classroom course which consists of a Telecommunications Certification Course, Texas Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center certification, basic dispatching skills by use of the Computer Aided Dispatch system, Intergraph, city geography, and police codes.

The Corpus Christi Police welcomes 5 new Metrocom Technicians:

Antelmo Aguirre Jr.;

Paul Hoepner;

Yvette Montoya;

Lorrie Morrin;

And Jennifer Onuoha

Congratulations to the Metrocom Class 2012-43 and good luck in your career.