Elderly Man Attacked Over Rent Dispute

Occurred on 6/4/12 5:24 p.m.  Robbery  1235 Second St.  1206040125 

A 67-year-old man told Officers he was late paying his rent and a roommate’s friend threatened to cut off a finger per day until it was paid as they shopped at a local department store.  The suspect then chest bumped the victim and threatened to kill him.  The victim told the suspect Gregory Springer aka Eric Springer (10/22/93) he would pay his rent once he received his settlement and they returned home. 

The victim said he was shaving when Springer, a friend of his roommate’s grabbed him from behind and placed him in a chokehold.  Springer then used a knife and held it against the victim’s arm.  He demanded the victim’s car keys and cell phone.  The victim passed out and his car keys along with his phone were missing when he regained consciousness.  Springer finally returned the keys and phone after a trip to a nearby convenience store.  It was then the victim was able to leave and call police. 

According to the victim, his roommate was not involved in the robbery and kept telling the suspect to return the car keys and phone.  The suspect was found at 1235 2nd Street and taken to the victim’s location where he was positively identified.  Springer was arrested and charged with Aggravated Robbery and Terroristic Threats.  His bond was set at $25,000 for the Aggravated Robbery and $500 for the Terroristic Threats.