Officers serve an afternoon search warrant

Monday 07/02/2012 14:15  5000 block of Cape Romain Dr.   Possession of Controlled Substance 1207020095 

Officers from CCPD Narcotics Vice Investigations obtained a search warrant for a home located in the 5000 block of Cape Romain. Officers had received information about the possible presence of a gang member and several firearms in addition to narcotics at the location. The department Special Weapons and Tactics team was requested to assist. Officers observed subjects inside the residence, but despite requests to exit, the subjects remained inside. Gas was introduced into the home and four subjects exited and were detained. 

Inside the home officers recovered methamphetamine, a small amount of heroin, a rifle and a shotgun.  Sue Farenthold 11/27/63, Michael Wayne 09/10/62, Jesus Juarez 07/22/73 (a known gang member) and Johnny Reynolds 04/05/72 were arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance.  Johnny Reynolds was additionally charged with an outstanding arrest warrant and for failing to identify.