Four Year Old Uninjured As Father Flees from Police

Occurred on 7/29/12, 9:58pm  Endangering a Child, DWI with a Child  1450 Tompkins   1207290157              

Officers were dispatched to Tompkins Court for a disturbance involving a Hispanic male in a white Dodge Caravan.  Police arrived to find Lucas Silvas (09/16/74) in the van with a young child in the front passenger seat and a beer in the center console. 

The driver was asked to turn the car off and exit the vehicle as they continued their investigation into the disturbance.  Silvas refused and drove off with the 4-year-old unrestrained child. Officers report the child almost fell out of the open window.  The Officer who was holding on to the door as Silvas began to drive away had to jump away from the vehicle as Lucas turned the vehicle in his direction. 

Lucas sped off westbound on Tompkins and struck two parked vehicles.  Officers were putting a B.O.L.O. (Be On the Look Out) for the Caravan when it was spotted traveling southbound on Ayers, speeding down the center lane as it passed several vehicles.  The van continued on failing to stop for the red light at Ayers and Tarleton when Officers attempted to pull the vehicle over.  The pursuit was canceled when the driver almost struck a vehicle as it turned east onto Horne Road. 

Police following Silvas at a distance observed the driver pull into the driveway at 2910 Horne Road and attempt to run inside. Silvas was ordered to stop, but he kept yelling at Police to tase him.  A struggle ensued in which Silvas took a swing at one of the Officers which missed.  A lengthy struggle ensued as Officers tried to handcuff with Silvas knocking over patio furniture as he tried to get way.    

Silvas who appeared to be intoxicated  was administered Standard Field Sobriety Tests and a Blood Draw taken.  He was medically cleared and booked at the City Detention Center.  Silvas was charged with Evading Arrest in a Vehicle, Driving with Intoxicated with Child, Abandon/Endangering a Child, Evading on Foot, Resist Arrest, and an outstanding Municipal Court warrant for Failure to Appear with a $269 fine.  He was also charged with Possession of Marijuana when a baggy containing Marijuana was found in his short pocket.

The four-year-old was uninjured and was released to a family member.