Cricket Employee Stall Tactics Help Catch Wanted Subject

David Clark Yeomen

Occurred on 10/02/12 11:53 am  Credit Card Abuse  11101 Leopard  1210020077

Police were called to The Cricket Store for a credit card abuse in progress with a female employee trying to stall the “customer” till Officers arrived.  Upon their arrivals, Officers observed the green Chevrolet Suburban driving away from the parking lot and pulled it over.  In the SUV was David Clark Yeomen (09/01/86) along with two other women.

Further investigation revealed Yeomen attempted to purchase a cellular phone and accessories, but his credit card was declined.  The employee told Officers, Yeomen requested the transaction be handled offline or he be allowed the use of the credit card machine.  The employees had been warned by management of a similar incident in which money had been stolen utilizing the offline process. Yeomen’s request was denied and police called.

Yeomen was arrested and charged with Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse and an outstanding Nueces County warrant for Larceny.  The two women were not charged and released.