Patrol Report 05/04/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department generated 198 reports for formal criminal complaints from midnight May 3 to 7:00 a.m. on May 4, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.


“CHARLIE” District
Date: 05/04/2015       12:40 AM
Location: 2900 Horne Road
Offense: Aggravated Assault P
.C.  22.02      Second Degree Felony
Case Number: 1505040008
A disturbance between neighbors over loud music led to one man going to the hospital and another to jail.

Corpus Christi Police responded to a report of an assault at a home in the 2900 block of Horne Road.  Once they arrived, a 52 year old male victim said that his neighbor was playing loud music.   When the victim decided to go to his neighbor’s house to ask him to turn down the music the neighbor refused to lower the music.

When the victim said he was going to call the police, he turned around to leave and was struck in the back of the head with a metal pipe. The victim was transported by CCFD EMS to Spohn Memorial Hospital for injuries not believed to be life threatening.

Officers arrested the neighbor, Richard Garza (09/17/1968), for aggravated assault.  They also recovered the weapon used in the assault.


“CHARLIE” District
Date: 05/03/2015       6:30 PM
Location: 5600 Carroll Lane
Offense: Child Locked in Vehicle
Case Number: 1505030142
Corpus Christi Police responded to the report of a child locked in a parked car in the parking lot of an apartment complex located at 5623 Carroll Lane.

When the officers arrived they were informed by the 19 year old car owner that her sisters’ one year old child had accidently been locked in the back seat of her car while she was loading him to leave.

The officers saw the child was crying, sweating and appeared to them to be in distress due to the heat.  Officers broke a back passenger side window to get the child out and he was treated at the scene by CCFD EMS.

No charges are expected to be filed in this accident.  


“DELTA” District
Date: 05/03/2015       3:30 PM
Location: 2900 Mary Street
Offense: Aggravated Assault
P.C.  22.02      First Degree Felony
Case Number: 1505030109
An argument between brothers over a locked door led to one brother pulling a gun on the other.

Corpus Christi Police responded to the home located in the 2900 block of Mary Street.  When they arrived they were contacted by a 33 year old male victim who told them that his older brother had pulled a handgun out and pointed it at his head.

The older brother was upset about a door being locked between rooms that they share inside the home.

The older brother kicked in the door and then pointed a handgun at his brother because he believed he had locked it.

Officers arrived and arrested the older brother, Felipe Rosales (10/17/1978), for aggravated assault.

The younger brother was not injured, and officers recovered the weapon used.



“DELTA” District
Date: 05/03/2015       1:25 AM
Location: 1400 South Brownlee Boulevard
Offense: Aggravated Assault
P.C.  22.02      First Degree Felony
Case Number: 1505030014
A long standing feud between two brothers led to a man stabbing his older sibling in the arm with a knife.

The two were meeting at the victim’s home located in the 1400 block of South Brownlee Boulevard about a feud they have been having.  They both got into another disturbance which led to the younger brother, Julian Benavidez (01/18/1985), stabbing his 31 year old brother in the arm.

CCFD EMS transported the victim to Spohn Memorial Hospital for injuries not believed to be life threating.

The suspect was arrested for aggravated assault


Search the website to research all reported criminal activity in Corpus Christi. Anyone who knows any additional information about these crimes should contact the Corpus Christi Police Department at 886-2840. Information about unsolved crimes may be provided to investigators anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS (8477) or online at Information provided to Crime Stoppers which results in an arrest may earn the caller a cash reward.