Several Crashes Close IH 37 South

The Corpus Christi Police Department was forced to shut down Interstate 37 South after several vehicles were involved in crashes beginning at 7:25 this morning.  Interstate 37 South was closed  while officers cleaned up the freeway in several different areas.

Here is a time line of the crashes.

7:25 AM A one car rollover crash was reported near Suntide Road.  As units were rolling up to this crash scene, they observed two other cars crashed into each other.

7:31 AM A second call for another two car crash is reported a near Suntide Road.  This may have been related to the one the officers saw as they were arriving.

7:49 AM A crash involving two semi-trucks and three cars is reported at Carbon Plant Rd.

7:51 AM A three car crash is reported at McKenzie Road

8:22 AM Officers close IH 37 South at McKenzie Road. Traffic is detoured to access roads.

8:27 AM A two car crash is reported at Carbon Plant Rd. unrelated to the 5 car crash involving the semi-trucks.

8:34 AM A report of a crash involving nearly 15 cars and a semi-truck is reported at IH 37 South at Violet Road.

9:09 AM HAZMAT crews are requested to respond to the semi-truck crash at Violet Road for fluid and materials leaking from jack knifed trailer.

9:15 AM A crash is reported at IH 37 South at Callicoatte Road.

9:31 AM CCPD makes request for all city wreckers to respond to crash scene

9:48 AM A crash involving a dump truck is reported at near IH 37 South and Callicoatte Road.

10:08 AM Lanes on IH 37 South at McKenzie Road are opened

11:20 AM One lane of IH 37 South at Violet Road is open.  Traffic no longer being diverted to access roads.


Semi-truck crash at Violet Road


Several people were transported by several EMS services to different hospitals.  There is no report of any life threatening injuries.