Police Officer Involved in an Accident with a Pedestrian

“ADAM” District
Date: 06/22/2015       9:00 PM
Location: 9700 Leopard Street
Offense: Motor Vehicle Accident
Case Number: C1502715

On 6-22-2015 a CCPD officer was traveling West bound on the 9700 block of Leopard Street. At approximately 9:00 PM the officer contacted the dispatcher and advised that he was in an accident and struck a pedestrian. The Corpus Christi Fire Department was just down the street and arrived and began providing emergency medical assistance. The male pedestrian was transported to Spohn Memorial Hospital and is in ICU in critical condition.

The preliminary investigation shows that the pedestrian was crossing the street outside of a crosswalk, in a poorly lit area of the street and was wearing dark colored clothing. At this time officers do not have a positive identification of the pedestrian. The officer involved was shaken up but uninjured.

CCPD follow up investigators are on the scene taking pictures, taking measurements and interviewing witnesses at this time.  The investigators will return tomorrow to complete the investigation.