Patrol Report 07/30/2015

The Corpus Christi Police Department responded to 959 calls for service and generated 193 reports for formal criminal complaints from 7:00 a.m. July 29 to 7:00 a.m. on July 30, 2015. These are samples of the criminal complaints filed by the Corpus Christi Police for that time period.


Date: 07/29/2015       11:15 PM
Location: 4800 Leopard Street
Offense: Aggravated Robbery
P.C. 29.03       First Degree Felony
Case Number: 1507290147
A 52 year old male victim who had just walked out of the Stripes Store located in the 4800 block of Leopard Street was assaulted and robbed.

The victim called Corpus Christi Police and when they arrived he told them that he had went inside the store and bought a beer. When he left the store, he was approached by a man who asked him for a dollar.  When the victim gave him a dollar bill,  the man became enraged and demanded more money. The victim told the man that he only had a five dollar bill left, and the man attacked the victim, punching him repeatedly in the face and head.

Officers responding to this call found the male suspect walking on Flood Street. The suspect, Jose Ramos (02/09/1974), was arrested for aggravated robbery.

The victim refused medical attention and was not seriously injured.



Date: 07/29/2015       9:15 PM
Location: 5900 Williams Drive
Offense: Assault
P.C. 22.01       Class A Misdemeanor
Case Number: 1507290131
A 38 year old doorman called Corpus Christi Police after he was bitten by a man who he tried to keep out of a bar.

The doorman told Officers that he was working at the bar, located at 5945 Williams Drive, when a man, who had not paid to get in, attempted to enter.

When the doorman told the man that he had to leave the establishment, the man became irate and while being escorted out, the man turned his head toward the doorman and bit his left bicep.

The doorman suffered a small cut, bruising and teeth impressions on his arm, but he was not seriously injured.

The doorman was able to detain the man, Kevin Rosales (12/13/1989), until Officers arrived. He was arrested for assault.  He was additionally charged with possession of dangerous drugs, a Class A misdemeanor, when Officers found a pill bottle with eight tablets of Quetiapine inside.


Date: 07/29/2015       3:15 PM
Location: 5700 Bobalo Drive
Offense: Hindering Apprehension of a Felon
P.C. 38.05       Third Degree Felony
Case Number: 1507290093
A female ex State Parole Officer was arrested for harboring her wanted boyfriend from Federal Agents.

Corpus Christi Police Officers along with United States Marshalls were watching the female’s home located in the 5700 block of Bobalo Drive looking for a man who was wanted on a federal parole violation warrant.

When Officers observed a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze leaving the house with three people inside, they stopped the car. Inside the vehicle they found the wanted person they were looking for, Ernest Grimaldo (04/15/1977). The female, DeAnn Villalobos (10/06/1975), was driving the car, and her 13 year old son was in the backseat.

When Agents and Officers went to take the wanted person into custody, one of the Agents was struck in the face with a punch thrown by the young man who was sitting in the back seat. He was arrested and taken to the Nueces County Juvenile Justice Center for assaulting a Federal Agent.

The wanted person, physically resisted Officers attempts to take him into custody. After a brief struggle he was arrested. In addition to the outstanding warrant for his arrest, he was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

The female was arrested for hindering apprehension of a known felon, a third degree felony. She was additionally charged with unlawful carrying a weapon when Officers found a 380 caliber handgun in her purse.


Search the website to research all reported criminal activity in Corpus Christi. Anyone who knows any additional information about these crimes should contact the Corpus Christi Police Department at 886-2840. Information about unsolved crimes may be provided to investigators anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS (8477) or online at Information provided to Crime Stoppers which results in an arrest may earn the caller a cash reward.