Crash Caused Causeway to Close For an Hour Today

Date: Monday, August 8, 2016, 10:34am
Location: 13900 Park Road 22
Event: Crash which caused complete closure of JFK Causeway
Crash Number: C1605139

Corpus Christi Police responded to the 13900 block of Park Road 22 at 10:34am to a city vehicle crash with downed lines that crossed the roadway. The lines extended across all four lanes of PR22.  Several units from the Corpus Christi Police Traffic Safety Section responded to assist. Investigation revealed that the city unit had an arm lift that was extended up. It was extended up because there was a generator on the back of the open bed preventing the arm to properly be set in place. As the city unit traveled west, it brought down what was later identified as a cable line. AEP was on scene with Grande who had trouble with the line.  AEP was credited as a huge help with this incident.  The Utilities supervisor was present. Both east and westbound traffic was at a stand still for about an hour before the roadway was opened to normal use.

Truck involved in the crash which dropped electrical lines on the roadway