Police Arrest Man Who Damaged Church and Rammed Police Patrol Cars

Date: Monday, December 26, 2016, 8:06am
Location: 3745 Waldron Road
Offense: Criminal Mischief (Penal Code Section 28.03) State Jail Felony
Case Number: 1612260042

A 61 year old man is accused of causing over $10,000 dollars damage to a church on Waldron Road, and then striking two Corpus Christi Police Patrol cars with his vehicle before Officers arrested the 61 year old man Monday morning.

A 58 year old man called Corpus Christi Police at 8:06am Monday morning to complain that a 61 year old man, Keith Glasson (9/29/195) was trying to force his way into the church located at 3745 Waldron Road. The 58 year old man told Police he was in the kitchen of the building when he heard bangs at the front door. The 58 year old man told Police that he saw Glasson get a golf club and smash windows of the church. The 58 year old man told Police the church has had recent problems with Glasson. Glasson left the church prior to law enforcement arrival.

Officers found Glasson at a convenience store located at Waldron and Caribbean. Glasson saw the first police unit in the Stripes parking lot and reversed into the unit, side swiping the unit and continuing around the parking lot. Glasson circled around and rammed that same patrol unit from the rear and proceeded out of the parking lot . Glasson drove onto to Waldron Road and collided with a guard rail then reversed and headed North, when he rammed a second Police unit which caused it to spin around in the intersection of Waldron and Caribbean. The airbags deployed to both vehicles. The Glasson then exited his vehicle in a delirious state. Officers used pepper and the electronic control device to get Glasson into custody.  

One Officer was taken to Spohn South, where he was released with a cut and contusion to his left forearm, and some small cuts to his face.   The other Officer suffered some neck and shoulder pain, but remained in service. Glasson was taken to the hospital for treatment for minor injuries and then delivered to the city detention center. Glasson was arrested for felony Criminal Mischief and two counts of aggravated assault. Glasson’s gray 2008 Dodge Ram pickup was impounded and the two patrol cars were towed due to damage from the scene.