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Street Dealer Keeps Money and Marijuana, “Buyer” Arrested

Occurred 9/7, 11:03 p.m.   False Report   2919 Waldron Rd.   1109070157  

Several Officers were sent on an emergency run to Shady Grove MHP for a robbery which had just occurred. Officers were advised the victim had been assaulted and his money taken during the robbery.  The Officer located the victim who reported “Joey” assaulted and threatened to hurt him if he didn’t hand over his money.  The victim complied and the suspect fled.  During the Officers investigation, the victim’s story changed.  It was determined the victim was not robbed, but had given “Joey” the $10.00 dollars to go buy him some Marijuana.  When “Joey” failed to return, he decided to call 911 to help him get his money back.  Willie Limuel Avery (10/11/74) showed Officers his cell phone from which he dialed 911.  Avery was arrested and booked at the CDC.  He was charged with filing a False Alarm or Report.

Traffic accident leads to DWI

Wed/1:59 a.m.  Traffic Accident/DWI    1500 Ennis Joslin Rd        C1106250/1108310007

Officers responded to a single vehicle accident and arrived to find Cody Walter Kite (09/26/90) attempting to back out his blue 2003 Toyota Tundra out of the bushes and away from the pole he had struck. Kite was contacted and appeared to be intoxicated.  He was administered Standard Field Sobriety Tests and a warrant was obtained for a blood draw.  Kite was medically cleared and arrested.  He was transported and booked at the CDC.  Kite was charged with Driving While Intoxicated