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Occurred on 9/22/11,   4:43 PM   Warrant of Arrest   4600 Salazar   1109220114

Alberto Puebla (9/15/1973)

When the CCPD implemented a CompStat program about two years ago, one goal was to bring local Law Enforcement together to fight crime and improve the quality of life in our Community.  The economy and a mobile criminal population make these partnerships a necessity.  As leaner budgets and smaller pools of employees challenge local Law Enforcement, new and more efficient ways of keeping our Community safe have to be planned and acted upon.  CompStat is a great venue to promote that collaboration.

A recent example of this ‘bridge building’ is a growing partnership between the Nueces County Adult Probation Department and the CCPD.  The Nueces County Adult Probation Department is sharing lists of absconders (individuals wanted for Probation Warrants) with the CCPD and both agencies as well as the Community are benefiting.

This is how the program works:

The Probation Department sends the CCPD a list of wanted probationers (both felony and misdemeanor).  The list of absconders goes to the Analysts working in the CCPD CATIC (Crime Analysis and Tactical Intelligence Center).  The Analysts research the wanted individuals and put together an information packet that is sent to the CCPD Patrol Officers.  The Officers then look for the wanted individuals on their patrol districts in the time they have between dispatched calls.

This partnership has already begun yielding success.  On Thursday afternoon (9/22/11) at about 3:30 PM, the CATIC Analysts distributed information on Alberto Puebla (9/15/1973). Puebla was wanted for a Probation Violation warrant, but his original charge was Burglary of a Building, a felony in Texas.  At about 4:45 PM, less than one & ½ hours after the information was sent out, a Patrol Officer went to a residence in the 4600 block of Salazar and arrested Puebla for the warrant.

This example provides a clear understanding of how local Law Enforcement agencies in and around the Corpus Christi area are working together to reduce crime and enhance public safety in our Community.

I’ll take a reward for that…

Lawrence Daniel (11/25/1965)

Occurred 9/22/10, 9:00 AM  Warrant of Arrest   1400 Clare   1109220039

A local auto parts store was the victim of a recent business burglary. The manager of that store received a phone call from someone claiming to be “Larry” early Thursday morning. Larry told the manager he was in possession of an air compressor that he (Larry) believed was stolen from the auto parts store. Larry told the manager he would return the compressor, but he wanted a reward. Larry then gave the manager his address.

With this information, the manager contacted the Police Department and Officers escorted the manager to a house in the 1400 block of Clare Dr. At that location, the group met Lawrence Daniel (11/25/1965) and discovered that he did have the a stolen air compressor. Unfortunately for Lawrence it was discovered he had a felony arrest warrant for DWI. Lawrence was arrested and the property was returned to the manager of the store. Burglary Detectives are investigating where Lawrence got the property.

Detectives Arrest Suspect Involved In Rash Of Robberies

Occurred Aug & Sep 2011    South Side Robberies     1109190108, 1109020120, 1108260047

On 9/21/11, Detectives with the Corpus Christi Police Department Homicide/Robbery Bureau arrested Jerry Jerome Anderson (10/24/62) for robbery.   Detectives discovered Anderson was responsible for the robberies at the Family Dollar Store (5815 Weber Road), the Valero Corner Store (5646 Kostoryz), and the Dollar General Store (6726 Saratoga Boulevard).

Officers Nab 9-year-old and 11-year-old “Music Room” Burglars

5:21 p.m.   Burglary of a Building   1110 Woodlawn     1109180107

A CCISD employee was monitoring video surveillance in which he observed two juveniles enter the “music room” of Woodlawn Elementary.  The pair was later seen fleeing the school on bicycles.  Officers located the two males and detained them.  The 11-year-old was found to be carrying a tambourine and wooden xylophone mallet, along with a matchbox containing a cigar.  The musical instruments were returned to the school custodian who secured the school.  Both juveniles were released to their mothers.  The 11-year-old was cited for Possession of Tobacco Products.  The investigation is ongoing.

Victim’s Stolen Vehicle Mysteriously Reappears

Reported on 9/21/11, 8:19 a.m.   Stolen Vehicle   901 Utica     1109210028

Victim reported to Officers his red 1993 Toyota Celica was stolen from his residence early Wednesday morning.  Several hours later, Officers contacted the neighbor who reported he observed a Dash Recovery wrecker drive up to 901 Utica, drop off the stolen vehicle, and drive away.  The neighbor followed the wrecker and was able to write down the license plate.  The victim told the Officer that he had a clear title to his vehicle. The Officer confirmed the victim’s information and was told by the finance company the vehicle was paid in full and a clear title was to be sent to the victim.  The investigation is ongoing. 


Victim Assaulted Over Theft Accusation

Occurred on 9/21/11, 4:45 p.m.   Aggravated Assault   11030 Mayfield     1109210110

Officers responded to an assault call involving a knife.  Officers contacted the 42-year-old victim who was bleeding from the left side of his face.    He told Officers he was involved in argument over the theft of a cell phone. 

The victim told Officers his friend stopped by and accused him of taking his cell phone.  The suspect assaulted the victim punching him in the face several times. 

Further investigation revealed the victim’s face was cut, possibly from a knife.  The victim told Officers he did not see a knife, but a witness to the assault observed the suspect with a silver-colored knife.  The suspect fled taking a weed eater from the victim’s truck. 

The victim was transported to NorthWest Hospital  by CCFD Emergency Personnel for treatment of his facial injuries.

The investigation is ongoing into the Aggravated Assault and Theft from a Motor Vehicle.

Customer Falls Asleep At Drive-Thru, Provided A Place To Stay

Occurred on 9/21/11, 10:50 p.m.   Driving  While Intoxicated   4831 S. Staples     1109210171

Officers responded to the Long John Silver’s drive thru for a male passed out in his pickup truck and found Mark Castillo (10/10/82) sleeping soundly in the driver’s seat of a Chevy Silverado pick-up.  The truck was still running.  The Officers blocked Castillo’s truck with their units so when they woke him he wouldn’t become startled and accidentally drive off.  Officers were able to wake Castillo who appeared to be intoxicated.  A Blood Search Warrant was obtained and Castillo was taken to Spohn Shoreline for a Blood Draw.  Castillo was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

Three Arrested After Family Squabble

Occurred on 9/22/11, 04:33 a.m.  Wanted Subject    2934 Niagara   1109220014, 1109220015, 1109220016

Officers responded to a fight in progress arrived to find several subjects fighting and arguing in front of the residence.  Officers contacted Raul Sesario Flores (10/25/92) who told Officers he’d been involved in a fight with his father-in-law.  Flores who appeared to be intoxicated was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication.

The father-in-law, Mingo Bazan (07/21/76), was found to have an active warrant for his arrest.  Bazan fled into residence, while his wife Melissa Bazan (06/07/75) blocked the Officer from arresting her husband.  The wife was cursing at the Officer while striking his chest, telling him he wasn’t going to take “Mingo” away.  She continued to interfere, allowing Bazan to lock himself in the house.  Bazan refused to unlock the door and cursed Officers through the door.  Because Officers knew Bazan had a warrant, they forced the door open, entered the house, and arrested him.  He was charged with Evading Arrest and two outstanding warrants.  The first warrant was issued out of Nueces County for Non-Payment of Child Support with his Bond set at $3,800, while the second warrant was issued out of Municipal Court for Failure to Appear with a fine of $317.  Melissa Bazan was also arrested and charged with Interference with Public Duties.

Tenant Burglarizes His Apartment Complex’s Maintainance Storage Shed

Occurred on 9/22/11, 02:03 a.m.   Burglary of a Building   3030 Santa Fe     1109220008

Officers responded to a burglary in progress in which two brothers reported they were awakened by loud noises coming from the parking garage.  One of the brothers went to investigate and found his brother’s blue 2007  Honda Civic had been vandalized.  The front windshield had been shattered and the vehicle had deep scratches all over.  While inspecting the damage, he observed his neighbor, Dustin Baldwin (11/01/90) walking out of a storage shed belonging to the groundskeeper.  The padlock had been pried off and several boxes had been ransacked.   Baldwin was contacted at his apartment and taken into custody.  He was positively identified as the burglar and placed under arrest.  Baldwin was booked at the City Detention Center and charged with Burglary of a Building.  Baldwin was not charged with vandalizing the vehicle at this time.  The investigation is still ongoing.

Cab Driver Uninjured During Robbery

Occurred on 9/21/11, 10:49 p.m.  Robbery                   1534 S. Staples                1109210154

Officers contacted a year-old-old Green and Go cab driver who reported a Hispanic male robbed him at knifepoint while he was waiting for a client at Fox’s Den.  The cab driver told Officers he was in the parking lot when the suspect pulled open the door and pulled him from the cab.  The suspect threatened to stab the victim if he refused to hand over the money.  A struggle ensued when the suspect reached into the cab to take the victim’s money bag.  Both the cab driver and the suspect fell to the ground, but the suspect was able to escape and flee with victim’s money bag.  The victim told Officers he chased after the suspect, but was unable to catch him.  The suspect is described as husky built Hispanic male, in his mid-twenties, 5’8” feet tall, and weighing 220 lbs.  He was last seen wearing a dark-colored shirt, light-colored shorts, and white shoes.  Anyone having any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS or the Corpus Christi Police Department Homicide/Robbery Bureau at 361-886-2841.

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