CCPD Pulls Truck Stuck On Train Tracks To Safety

Occurred Sunday, June 17, 2012, 12:00pm 5000 Railroad Avenue Criminal Trespass 1206170077

A vehicle stuck on the railroad tracks was pulled to safety Sunday by a Corpus Christi Police Officer minutes before a train travelled on the tracks.

Corpus Christi police responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle on the 5000 block of Railroad Avenue at noon on Sunday. The police officer found a red 1992 Dodge Dakota pickup truck stuck on the railroad tracks. The 51-year-old operator of the truck said he drove on the tracks to access a nearby barn when the truck became stuck on the railroad tracks.

The police officer knew a train was scheduled to travel the tracks within minutes. The officer tied a chain from the truck to the patrol car and pulled the truck off the train tracks. The patrol car received minor damage in the tow. A train traveled on the tracks minutes after the truck was freed and the officer believes there would not have been sufficient time to summon a tow truck to recover the truck before the train travelled on the tracks.

No person was injured and the 51-year-old man was released at the scene. The report for criminal trespass was generated so that Union Pacific could determine if criminal charges will be pursued.