Five-Year-Old Rushed to Driscoll after Near Drowning

Occurred on 6/24/12, 5:05 pm  Drowning 8202 SPID  1206240115 

Officer T. Taufaasau responded to Motel 6 for a possible drowning and arrived to find several people surrounding a 5-year-old boy yelling for help.  The child was laying by the pool’s edge having a difficult time breathing.  The Officer took hold of the child and rolled him over allowing a large amount of water to exit his mouth.  Shortly thereafter, firefighters arrived and rushed him to the arriving ambulance. 

The child was taken to Driscoll Children’s Hospital by CCFD Emergency Personnel.  Officer Taufasssau’s reported the child was breathing on own.  The child’s mother advised Officers she was in the pool with her son when she got out.  She turned around to find her son gone and began searching for him when she was told he had also gotten out of the pool.  When she returned to the pool area she saw her floating in the water.  She dove in and was able to bring her son to the pool’s edge where bystanders helped with CPR until police arrived.

With the arrival of summer and warmer weather, the use of pools and spas will also rise.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, child drownings in pools and spas still a leading cause of unintentional death, especially with children under five years of age.   By following simple pool safety tips, the risk of a drowning can be prevented.  Fence in your pool with a self-closing, self-latching, and lockable gate.   Install an alarm which will sound when a child falls in the pool or a pool gate opened. Never let your child swim alone or only with other children.  Pay close attention to your child when swimming; don’t read, text, or do chores and make sure your child takes swimming lessons. 

If you would like to learn CPR, please contact the Red Cross at 361-887-9991 or visit their website at for classes.