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This year, Halloween falls on a Sunday.  We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening. Here are a few tips that hopefully will make your night a little safer.

Avoid trick-or-treating alone. Walk in groups or with a trusted adult. Have a designated meeting place in case your group gets separated.

Hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help you see and for others to see you.  Wear reflective clothing while walking in dark areas.

If you are driving through a neighborhood, drive slowly and watch for kids. Sometimes they get distracted and might cross the road without looking.

Always WALK and don’t run from house to house.  Look both ways before crossing the street and use crosswalks when possible.

Walk on sidewalks whenever possible, or on the far edge of the road facing traffic to stay safe.

Wear well-fitting masks, costumes, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.

Enter homes only if you’re with a trusted adult.  Only visit well-lit houses.  Don’t stop at dark houses.  Never accept rides from strangers.

If you see a house with the lights out and no Halloween decorations, chances are they may not participate in Halloween activities.  Please respect their homes and wishes.

Parents if you see any suspicious activity, please contact the police immediately at 361-886-2600.  If it is an emergency call 911.

Be courteous to others, be aware of your surroundings and make this Halloween fun and safe for everyone.

As for those who would rather plays tricks than receive treats, remember that damaging a person’s property can be considered “Criminal Mischief”.  

No Shave November

In the month of November, you may see some of our male officers with more facial hair then usual as they will be participating in “No Shave November”.

To support cancer awareness officers will be able to grow beards once they have made a $50.00 donation to the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association. The Association will then donate the collected funds to cancer fighting organizations. 

Our female officers were authorized to wear pink in their hair for the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness and will continue to wear pink in November.

Suspect Arrested in Two Robberies

On Thursday October 21, 2021 at 5:40 am several officers were dispatched to 5700 block of Kostoryz for a robbery at a convenience store. The officers contacted the clerk who told the officers that a Hispanic male walked in with his hand in his pocket and demanded money. The offender then departed the scene with an unspecified amount of money, and the clerk was able to give the officers a description of the offender.

On Thursday October 21, 2021 at 6:14 am officers were then dispatched to 6100 Ocean for a robbery at another convenience store. When the officers arrived, they contacted the clerk who told them that a Hispanic male entered the store with his hand in his pocket and demanded money. Again, the offender departed with an unspecified amount of money. The clerk was able to give a detailed description of the offender to include a description of his vehicle.

Officer Mauro Collazo-Perez was actively searching for the offender and his vehicle when he noticed a vehicle that fit the description in an apartment complex at 5600 Carroll Lane. Officer Collazo-Perez requested a backup unit and when Senior Officer Javier Cantu arrived, they were able to contact the offender, 21-year-old Caleb Gutierrez, at an apartment and place him into custody. Caleb Gutierrez was transported to the City Detention Center and booked for two counts of Aggravated Robbery with a $100,000.00 bond each.

This is a fine example of great police work by Officer Mauro Collazo-Perez, the responding Officers, Crime Scene Investigators, and Detectives with the Criminal Investigation Division.

Police Career Seminar

The Corpus Christi Police Department will be hosting a “Career in Policing” seminar on October 27, 2021 at the Corpus Christi Police Department Training Center located at 4510 Corona Drive from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

This seminar will be open to both men and women that would be interested in a career with the Corpus Christi Police Department.

If you like to attend the seminar, please RSVP at If you have any questions about becoming a police officer, you can reach a recruiter at 361-826-2978.

We look forward to meeting you!

Apply at and learn more about CCPD at:
Follow us on Twitter at “CCPD Recruiting @RecruitingCcpd”
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An anti-prostitution operation conducted by the Corpus Christi Police Department’s Narcotics and Vice Investigations Division Wednesday afternoon resulted in the arrests of eleven women on charges of prostitution. The ages ranged from 19-49 years of age. The women were arrested after they solicited an undercover CCPD Officer for sex acts in exchange for money. The operation targeted individuals that solicit via high traffic, public places.

NVID Detectives were assisted in the operation by Operations Division Officers, as well as civilians with the Red Cord Initiative. The Red Cord Initiative is a prostitution diversion program aimed to provide practical and emotional support for those involved in prostitution. The program is successful due to the collaboration between the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation, social service organizations, the Nueces County District Attorney Office, and the Corpus Christi Police Department. The program affords those involved with sex work an opportunity to address the myriad of behavioral, social, and psychological problems they have faced throughout their lifetime. Since 2013, Red Cord has provided case management, health services, job training, substance abuse treatment, clothing, housing, counseling, and other social services needed to address the circumstances related to their involvement in prostitution. Participants who successfully complete the program have their cases dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office.

None of the women during Saturday’s operation agreed to participate with the program. Since its inception in 2013, 413 men and women have been arrested for prostitution during these operations, 168 have qualified for the program, and 35 have graduated from the program. The Red Cord initiative receives no government funding and is supported entirely through donations. To learn more, volunteer or donate, citizens can visit the Coastal Bend Wellness foundation at

Although often inaccurately referred to as a “victimless” crime, prostitution is inextricably linked to multiple other crimes including assault, human trafficking, sexual abuse, drug abuse, and the spread of sexually transmitted infectious disease. Neighborhoods where prostitution is prevalent experience a drastic degradation of the quality of life that citizens expect and deserve. The Corpus Christi Police Department will continue to collaborate with all government and private entities to combat prostitution and help accomplish our mission of working with the community to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime and enhance public safety.

K9 Quina Retirement

K9 Quina became part of the Corpus Christi Police Department in May of 2015 as a single purpose narcotics detection K9. At the time Quina joined the Department her partner and handler was Senior Officer Sean Orsak. During their time together Quina competed at the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association Nationals and placed in the top 15 on three different occasions and her top finish being 3rd place in the team competition. 

K9 Quina’s largest single day currency detection was $280,000.00 while assisting the Drug Enforcement Agency on an operation. During her career Quina had numerous illicit drug seizures, in one day she had three separate K9 assists totaling 150 pounds of narcotics on the three different investigations.

Quina was partnered with Orsak from 2015 to June of 2019. Upon the retirement of Senior Officer Orsak, Quina was then partnered and handled by Senior Officer Kyle Simmons.

During Quina also had numerous drug and weapon seizures while partnered with Senior Officer Simmons. On one case, the United States Marshals and the CCPD Gang unit had gotten into a foot pursuit with a convicted felon that had numerous warrants for his arrest. After apprehension of the offender Quina was able to conduct an article search for any possible weapons that the male might of thrown during the pursuit. Quina was able to locate the offender’s hat and a loaded handgun in a bush that he had run past.

Quina also participated in numerous presentations for our local youth during career days, Red Ribbon week campaigns, and served as a great bridging tool between CCPD and our local youth. 

K9 Quina was given to retired Senior Officer Sean Orsak so that they could enjoy retirement together.

Congratulations to K9 Quina on a job well done, enjoy your retirement!

K9 Tanja Retirement

Police Service Dog Tanja was born in Sep 2011 in the Netherlands and came to the United States in Jan 2014 by Global K9 in Summerset Texas. Tanja was purchased for the Corpus Christi Police Department by the Corpus Christi Crime Control District in March 2014, and after being trained she entered service with CCPD Narcotics Division on March 23, 2014 with her handler Sen. Officer Chris Lynch.

Tanja assisted numerous Local, State and Federal Agencies which include Texas Dept of Public Safety, Drug Enforcement Agency, Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Customs, Border Patrol, and the U.S. Postal Inspection Services. In 2018, Tanja received an award from the U.S. Postmaster General of the Southern District for her involvement in her successful efforts to thwart the shipment of high-grade Marijuana and THC infused products via the U.S. Mail.

During her career K9 Tanja is responsible for the seizure of $700,000 in U.S. Currency and over 5 Million dollars of illegal narcotics (street value).

K9 Tanja was retired in Jan 2019 due to an illness she contacted while working.  Tanja has recovered and is currently enjoying retirement with Sen. Officer Chris Lynch and his wife Melissa Lynch.

Congratulations to K9 Tanja on her retirement.

Proactive CCPD Officer leads to Arrest of Austin Homicide Suspect

On Monday, October 4, 2021, at 9:51 pm Senior Officer Manuel Hernandez was at 6800 South Padre Island Drive in the parking lot randomly running license plates to check for vehicles that may have been reported stolen. While running license plates the officer got information that one of the plates returned with an alert that vehicle had been involved in a homicide in Austin, Texas. The officer ran the name of 17-year-old Charles Walker and found that he had two active warrants for his arrest. The first warrant was a Homicide warrant out of Austin with a $150,000.00 bond and another for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon out of Bexar County with no bond.

The United States Marshal Gulf Coast Violent Offender & Fugitive Task Force were contacted, and they set up surveillance on the hotel room.  Marshalls observed Charles Walker attempt to get into his vehicle at which time he observed officers and began to flee on foot. Officers were able to quickly catch Charles Walker and placed him into custody. While speaking to Charles Walker he initially gave the officers a fictitious name. Charles Walker was charged with Evading on Foot, Fail to Identify as a Fugitive, the Homicide and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon warrants.

Additional officers contacted the other residents of the hotel room and found that both were in possession of others identifying information. 26-year-old Megan Turner and 23-year-old Trenton Hobdy were both charged with Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information. All three were transported to the City Detention Center for booking.


October is not only breast cancer awareness month, but also the month designated to bring attention to Domestic Violence.  Our Officers and Civilian Staff will represent the colors pink and purple throughout the month of October, in an effort to help raise awareness.  

For the month of October, the department has authorized both sworn and non-sworn employees to wear something pink on their uniform or clothing as a unified demonstration of support for those battling different forms of cancer.  This will include allowing staff to highlight a small portion of their hair in the color pink. 

Domestic violence takes place in our nation every minute of every day, occurring just about every 15 seconds.  Most people do not realize just how real domestic violence is and how many lives are affected by it as most of these cases remain behind closed doors. Domestic Violence Awareness Month was introduced, to not only educate and raise awareness, but to bring the support and strength that domestic violence victims need.

Members of the Corpus Christi Police Department will be seen wearing purple attire throughout the month to symbolically bring awareness to Domestic Violence.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please speak up. Our Family Violence Unit can be reached at (361) 886-2670.


The Corpus Christi Police Department will be hosting a “Women In Policing Seminar” on October 13, 2021 at the Corpus Christi Police Department Training Center located at 4510 Corona Drive.

If you like to attend the seminar, please RSVP at . If you have any questions about becoming a police officer, you can reach a recruiter at 361-826-2978.

We look forward to meeting you!

Apply at and learn more about CCPD at:

Stay connected with the CCPD on Facebook at: