Neighborhood Parking Initiative to Begin Enforcement on August 1st

Wednesday, August 1st, the Corpus Christi Police Department will begin Phase III, the Enforcement Phase of the Neighborhood Parking Initiative. Over the six-week period covering Phase I (Information & Education Period) & II (Warning Period), CCPD utilized the various news and social networking media to deliver education information and issued over 22,000 Warning Notices, covering every street in the city limits, most several times. 

This third phase launches Wednesday using the individual District Beat Patrol Officers, Directed Patrol Officers and Parking Enforcement Officers. All four Police Districts will be strategically addressed this first day and thereafter individual Beat Patrol Officers will continue to cover their assigned beats as part of their routine patrols, while Parking Enforcement Officers will work a rotating schedule to equally cover enforcement across the city. 

This will be the first time CCPD Parking Enforcement Officers will utilize electronic ticket writers to issue criminal based citations.  This also allows for citations to be electronically downloaded daily into the court software system at Municipal Court simplifying and expediting court processing to under 24 hours from time of issue.