The Patrol Officers Day Starts With Roll Call

The Shift gathers for roll call

What is roll call?

The Corpus Christi Police Officers begin their work day in a classroom setting. The shift supervisor, a Lieutenant by grade, takes attendance and conducts uniform and equipment inspections. The Lieutenant then provides the group of 8-12 patrol officers with a briefing.

What is briefing?

There are several types of briefings which are: Information; Decision; Mission; and Staff. The briefing provided to the patrol officers at roll call is typically an information brief. Information briefs present primarily facts to the audience and does not seek decisions, it does not include recommendations, and it does not provide conclusions. The purpose of the briefing is to transfer high priority information to an audience that requires immediate attention. The briefing may explain complicated information to provide clarity and to remove confusion.

The information provided to the patrol officers is recent and significant. It may be information about weather conditions, recent crime trends, neighborhood problems that have surfaced, traffic obstructions like street closures, approaching crowded events, safety concerns, or a variety of other information.

Training opportunities also rise in the time for briefing. Lieutenants use the computer and technology to show videos from police events around the world which provide a venue of consideration for how the individual officers may respond to situations recorded on video. Many shifts listened to the police radio broadcasts of the Colorado theater massacre recently to have conversation about the most effective method for transmitting information over the radio in an active shooter situation.

The roll call usually takes 30 minutes and concludes with issuance of patrol car keys, beat assignments, and special instructions provided to the individual patrol officers. Officer Paddock and Officer Martinez are assigned to the beat known as D360.