Back-2-School Safety

Going back to school can be an exciting and fun time.  Monday, August 27nd, our children head back to school; the Corpus Christi Police Department urges both parents and drivers to help one another to keep our students safe.  Both Traffic Officers and Beat Officers will monitor the school zones during the morning and afternoon to insure our children’s safety.

The Crime Stoppers Program will continue to work with all C.C.I.S.D. schools.  Campus Crime Stoppers works like adult Crime Stoppers with the callers being students with information about a crime that is going to occur or is occurring at their school.  The Crime Stoppers will take the information and pass it on to CCISD Police.  Each student that provides information that leads to an arrest is eligible for a cash reward. 

Car Safety

Make sure all passengers are buckled up or in their car and booster seats.  Drop the children off in the designated area and wait until they are on school grounds before you leave.  Drivers leave a little early; obey all School Zone Speeds and no cell phone use while traveling through posted areas.  Obey the Crossing Guards, as well teachers, volunteers, and student safety patrols. Don’t forget to stop for buses loading and unloading.  

Walking Safety to School


Most importantly, consider whether your child should walk to school; make sure they do not walk alone.  Have an adult or older siblings accompany them, if younger than twelve years of age. Plan the safest and simplest route to school; discuss the use of cross walks, along with the different meanings of traffic signals.  Teach them to keep away from vacant fields and any other places that have few people.

Stranger Safety


Tell your children not to talk to strangers or accept rides from them.  Let them know if a stranger does approach them, they need to run and tell an adult.  They will call 911.

Phone Numbers


Make sure your child has access to emergency phone numbers.  Type or write important phone numbers on an index card, laminate it, and place it in your child’s backpack.  If your child has a cell phone, make sure all emergency contact numbers are listed.