Police Host Contest For High School Students To Develop Advertising Campaign

The Corpus Christi Police Department announces a contest that ends November 12, 2012 for High School students ages 15-18 years old in which the winners will receive a new ipad and have their entry displayed on a billboard in Corpus Christi.

The contest is to design a new anti-drunk driving advertising campaign. Contest winners will be in two categories; for the best slogan and for the best 2 dimensional artwork. The contest entries must be submitted to the High School the student attends or to the Police Department no later than November 12, 2012.

The contest entries will be judged by a group designated by Police Chief Floyd Simpson. Judges will not know the name of the contestant nor will they know which school the student attends when the contest entries are judged. The two first place winners will receive ipads. The second place winners will receive itouchs, and the third place winners will receive nanopods. The contest winners will have their entry displayed on billboards in Corpus Christi through the month of December.

The contest is open to all students of a High School in Corpus Christi or accredited home school in Corpus Christi. Those interested in the contest should visit www.cctexas.com/police/contest.html for information and to download an entry form.

This is an opportunity for new drivers to use their creativity to make the streets a safer place to drive.

Corpus Christi Police Officers set their strategy to meet with the staff of each High School in Corpus Christi to advertise the contest.