Charger Being Driven at 5mph Draws Officers Attention

Occurred on 10/19/12, 03:07am  Driving While Intoxicated   Weber and S.Padre Island Drive  1210190017

Officers J. Rhodes and J. Wicks observed a blue Dodge Charger make a wide right turn onto Weber Road from McArdle, driving at about five mph in a thirty-five mph posted speed limit area.

The driver Monica Duran Garcia (11/23/83) was pulled over and appeared intoxicated when contacted.  She was administered Standard Field Sobriety Tests and a warrant obtained for a blood specimen.  She was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated~Open Alcohol Container.

Her passenger, Joanna Jaramilla (04/28/84) was also arrested and charged with Public Intoxication.  She was additionally charged with Possession of Cocaine when a small quantity of Cocaine was found.

Both women were booked at the City Detention Center.