Police Announce Summer Crime Initiative

Police Commander Mark Gutierrez delivers information to the media about the Summer Crime Initiative with a multiple partner agencies.
Police Commander Mark Gutierrez delivers information to the media about the Summer Crime Initiative with multiple partner agencies.

The Corpus Christi Police Department will be conducting a Summer Crime Initiative for the 3rd consecutive year. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure the safety of all of our citizens as well as the tourists that visit our city during the summer months. In order to accomplish this goal the police department will be taking proactive steps that will include the Uniform Patrol Division, Narcotics Unit, Traffic Unit, Criminal Investigations Division, Public Information Office, and Parking Enforcement Unit. In addition to officers from the CCPD we will work in conjunction with other law enforcement partners from our area.

The Summer Crime Initiative will run from June 21st through the Labor Day weekend. Traditionally, during this time frame, most school districts are out for the summer which has the potential to lead to a rise in juvenile crime, traffic related issues, and gang issues. The police department will work to combat any rise in crimes against persons and crimes against property. The listed units will conduct on-going operations that will target the following areas of concern:

  1. Juvenile crimes to include curfew violations
  2. Burglaries to include auto and home
  3. Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
  4. Graffiti
  5. Gang related crimes
  6. Traffic related offenses
  7. Parole and probation checks
  8. Sex offender checks

The police department will work with the media via the Public Information Office to announce our initiatives and our efforts in working to keep all citizens safe. The PIO will utilize the print, television, and social media to ensure that citizens are aware of the efforts of the department as well as public service projects that will be available.

Our partner agencies will include:

  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Division
  • Nueces County District Attorney’s Office
  • Nueces County Community Supervision & Corrections
  • Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department
  • Corpus Christi Juvenile Assessment Center
  • Corpus Christi Code Enforcement

Uniform Patrol Division

    The Uniform Patrol Division which includes the Traffic Unit will work to be pro-active during this initiative. Patrol supervisors will look to capture data and statistics that will assist in allocating resources and deploying them in an effective manner. The Uniform Patrol Division will also staff a temporary Padre Island sub-station. The purpose of this sub-station will be to provide an opportunity for all citizens and tourists to receive information, get directions, purchase beach parking stickers, have a police report written, and to have additional public service events available. The Police Athletic League will also work with young citizens to provide activities that are conducive to a safe and peaceful summer. The Patrol Division will focus on the following areas:

  • Curfew violations
  • Underage drinking
  • Driver’s license and insurance checkpoints
  • Burglary patrols driven by up to date crime statistics
  • Bar Checks
  • Beach Patrols
  • Open a temporary island sub-station to service visitors and residents
  • Graffiti Patrols and clean up efforts
  • Assist with sex offender, parole, probation checks
  • Speed Enforcement
  • Distracted Driver Enforcement
  • DWI enforcement
  • Illegal Parking Enforcement