Father Arrested After He Has His Kids Commit Theft

Date: 07/05/2015       12:30 AM
Location: 6100 Saratoga Boulevard
Offense: Exploitation of a Child
P.C. 32.53      
Third Degree Felony
Case Number: 1507050018
A 32 year old father was arrested by Corpus Christi Police after he and his family were caught shoplifting at the Wal-Mart Store located at 6101 Saratoga Boulevard.

Officers responded to the store after an employee caught a 10 year old female and her 15 year old brother leaving the store with items in a shopping cart that had not been paid for.

The employee said that both juveniles walked out of the store with the cart of goods and were attempting to get into a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu.  The car was stopped in front of the store and a man along with a 9 year old female was loading up items into the trunk from another cart.

The 10 year old female was able to run away from the employee and get into the car.  The male shut the trunk and told the other 9 year old female to get in the car also.  The three then drove off in the Chevrolet, leaving the 15 year old male with employees.

The employee took the male back into the store to wait for police to arrive.  While waiting for Officers to arrive, the father returned to the store with the two juvenile females still with him.

When Officers arrived they were told by the store employee that store video showed the father and the 9 year old girl walking around the store with a grocery cart full of empty store bags. They would remove merchandise from the shelves and place them in the plastic bags that they brought in.  The video then showed the two leave out the front entrance with the child still pushing the cart full of unpaid for merchandise.  A short time later the video showed the 15 year old boy and the 10 year old female attempting to leave out the same entrance when they were detained by the store employee.

The Officers charged the father, Joshua Hancock (08/11/1982), with exploration of a child due to the fact that he fled the scene , leaving his son at the store by himself with a shopping cart full of stolen items and that he was using his three children to assist him in committing a theft that totaled over $520.   He was additionally charged with theft, a Class A misdemeanor.

The three children were released to their mother.