Police Warn Public of Potential Phone Scam

Corpus Christi Police would like help from the public to identify the person in this phone record. A person in the Corpus Christi community received a phone call on August 16, 2015 from 361-219-4997 by a person who identified them self as Lieutenant Wade Harris and claimed the person called had a warrant for their arrest. The person who received the phone call did not believe the caller and then called the Corpus Christi Police and learned there is no Wade Harris employed by the Corpus Christi Police, there was no warrant for their arrest, and this may be a scam.

Any person contacted by phone about any warrant for their arrest should ask several questions to determine if the caller is legitimate. A law enforcement officer who contacts a person by phone about a warrant for arrest will provide specific information such as the agency the Officer represents, the Officer’s name, the exact charge against the person for which the warrant has been issued, a phone number for the agency, and the Officer will never demand money in an effort to avoid or delay arrest.
Anyone with any information or questions about this caller should call the Corpus Christi Police at 361-886-2600.


A 71-year-old man reported to the Corpus Christi Police on August 21, 2015 that he provided over $800 dollars to a person who claimed to be Lance Dobson, a Deputy with the Nueces County Sheriff’s Department, and claimed the 71-year-old man had a warrant for his arrest. The 71-year-old man told Officers he provided payment to Dobson by telling the card numbers from Paypal cards in order to avoid an imminent arrest. The 71-year-old man said Dobson called from the number 361-219-9147. The Corpus Christi Police Financial Crimes began to investigate this crime and determined there is no Lance Dobson employed with the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office, and the Deputies do not identify their agency as the Sheriff’s Department. Detectives also determined there was no warrant for the arrest for the 71 year old man. Detectives want the public to be aware of this scam and only pay any fine or court costs to the court directly and never over the phone.