Emergency Medical Dispatch Goes Live

EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) is an APCO program that was re-designed specifically for MetroCom and our community.

The program is designed to utilize our EMS resources in an organized and efficient manner and provide pre-arrival instructions to callers. The pre-arrival instructions were provided by our Medial Director, Dr. Roberts and our response plans by the Corpus Christ Fire Department, Chiefs Paige and Flores. We have 4 EMD Instructors on staff and our entire division has been trained. Each dispatcher received more than 40 hours of training and Dr. Roberts had a part in every class.  

This new program has changed how we process Medical emergency calls for service. Dispatchers are trained to ask more questions and give pre-arrival instructions. We want the Community to know though we’re asking several questions, this does not mean units are not on their way. Once we know where and what’s wrong, the call is dispatched to the nearest units. The dispatcher is gathering more information and it’s being transferred to the units so they know how best to respond.  

The pre-arrival instructions range from very basic information such as gathering your medication and sitting down until units arrive to CPR and childbirth delivery. Our dispatchers are reassured with this new program because they know exactly what questions to ask and what instructions will best help the caller. 

“This cooperative effort between the Police and Fire Department will only enhance our capabilities to provide better services to our community” said interim Chief Markle.  

The Police Department has been working on implementing the EMD system for years. Those years of waiting have finally culminated in a truly robust system.