Gone Fishin’

A few Corpus Christi Police and several Animal Care Service Officers spent a little time fishing today.

ACS received a call that a pet store, located in the 3800 block of Saratoga Boulevard, was without power and the owner had not cared for the aquatics in his store for several days. Police and ACS went to the business and got the power turned back on so the fish tanks inside would be able to pump air.

They also learned that the owner of the pet store had been arrested in McAllen, Texas and would not be returning any time soon. They were unable to locate any other business partners or employees from the pet store to come rescue the animals, so they took it upon themselves to contact the Texas State Aquarium and the Aquarium at Rockport Harbor to help save the fish.

CCPD, ASC, and aquarium staffers then spent several hours trying to scoop several hundred fish from nearly thirty tanks. They then transferred the scooped fish into containers so they could be taken to the aquariums.

In all several hundred small fish, frogs, coral, crabs and other small ocean animals were rescued.