Man Arrested For Indecent Exposure

Date: 10/03/2015       9:10 AM
Location: 900 North Shoreline Drive
Offense: Indecent Exposure
P.C. 21.08   Class B Misdemeanor
Case Number: 1510030058
Cesar Paulino (12/06/1988) was arrested this past Saturday for indecent exposure.  He was sitting on one of the white benches along the seawall facing Shoreline Boulevard. and masturbating while participants in the annual Heart Walk were passing by.

Two adult victims contacted Officers who in turn, contacted the suspect. He was arrested for Indecent Exposure, a Class B misdemeanor.

A short time after Officers arrested the man, a female contacted Officers and she said that her 11 year old granddaughter had seen the suspect, fully exposed and masturbating.

Detectives are working to upgrade the charges on the suspect from indecent exposure to indecency with a child, a felony offense, if these allegations are true.

Detectives believe that there is a possibility that other children out on Shoreline Boulevard last Saturday morning were victimized but have not yet come forward.

Anyone with additional information about this crime should call Corpus Christi Police Detectives at 361-878-7541.