Phlebotomist On Duty This Halloween

Halloween often leads to an increase in the number of Driving While Intoxicated arrests made by the Corpus Christi Police Department. We want everyone to enjoy this scary weekend and ask that you act responsibly by not drinking and driving in our city. All drivers should avoid the risk of arrest, incarceration or tragedy that is associated with driving while intoxicated.

In an effort to assist law enforcement agencies in the investigation of suspected intoxicated drivers, the Nueces County District Attorney’s Office will provide a trained phlebotomist at the City of Corpus Christi Detention Center to take your blood. The Dracula like technician will work from 10pm to 4am on Friday and Saturday nights, October 30th and 31st.

It should be noted that “No Refusals” and having a phlebotomist at the detention center began on Halloween night in 2008. Congratulations to seven years of a successful program in the fight to keep drunk drivers off our city streets.