Keep Your Hands Off The Bats

After three separate reports of humans coming into contact with bats, the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services wants to remind people to never touch a bat.

On November 9, a 48-year-old female went to get medical treatment when she came down with a fever, fatigue, and body aches after handling a bat with her bare hands at work.  The female said that she found the bat on the ground, and picked it up.  Doctors are planning on starting the woman on rabies treatment.

Earlier in the week, a 59-year-old female was at work when she was struck in the back of her head by a flying bat.  Doctors are also planning to start her on the rabies treatment.

A 26-year-old truck driver was attacked last week by a bunch of bats when he was leaving the loading dock of business in the Five Points area.  He was given the rabies treatment as a precaution.

Bats have such small teeth, most people do not even know that they have been bitten.  Bats also can secrete the rabies virus in their saliva. Since bats are a carrier for the rabies virus, it is very dangerous to touch one with your bare hands.

Animal Care Services will not respond to calls regarding bats flying around, however, if you find one on the ground call 361-826-4622.