Crime Stoppers Boasts Productive Year in 2015

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January is designated as Crime Stoppers month by the Governor’s Office and Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers is proud of a productive year in 2015 as shown in an annual performance review.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers approved $45,930 dollars in rewards in 2015 as compared to $18,030 in 2014. Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers approved 114 tips in 2015 which means that an average of over 2 arrests each week that would have otherwise been unsolved crimes without the help from information provided to Crime Stoppers.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers had several notable arrests which include Case #1503240066 to capture a man for the bank robbery at the American Bank located at Everhart and Alameda; Case #1504200129 to capture a 24-year-old man who exposed himself to a 10-year-old girl at an arcade on Ayers Street; and the capture of Gilberto Garcia who was featured on the Texas D.P.S. Top Ten Most Wanted list for murder.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers credits several factors for the success seen this past year which include:

  • KZTV began to broadcast the “Wheel of Shame” in March and has led to the capture of 60 fugitives;
  • Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers began cooperation with the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office to host the Wheel of Shame;
  • Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers increased the rewards effective June 15 to raise the maximum payout from $1,000 dollars to $2,500 dollars;
  • Began to broadcast the crimes of the week on KORO in Spanish starting June 24th;
  • Began to broadcast the crimes of the week on KAJA Telemundo in Spanish starting in November;
  • Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers updated the logo to one which is unique and specific to Corpus Christi;
  • Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers hosted two community events (Mugshot Mixer on April 9 and the Murder Mystery on September 24);
  • Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers transferred the responsibility of providing updates to tips to the C.S.I. call center to improve payouts to tipsters;
  • Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers reviewed and updated the organization bylaws;
  • Completed a compliance review from the Governor’s Office of Compliance and Monitoring in July;
  • Received certification from the Texas Crime Stoppers Council July 27th;
  • Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers redesigned the website at;
  • Made use of a volunteer (Dan Hall) to improve tracking the resolution of tips. Mr. Hall started to volunteer with us in November 2014 and donated 133 hours and 15 minutes of his time to help the Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers. Mr. Hall had to stop participation due to deteriorating health as of September 14. We wish him well.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers received 2,261 tips in 2015 which resulted in 6 recovered weapons, $1,000 worth of stolen property recovered, and narcotics seized with a total estimated street value of $4,690.

Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers to serve as the link between the media, the public, and law enforcement in an effort to solve crimes. Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers  accomplishes that goal by offering cash rewards for information which leads to an arrest and by a guarantee that the identity of the person who provided the information will remain secret. No tax dollars are spent on Crime Stoppers. All the rewards and operating expenses for Crime Stoppers are solely from donations from the community. For more information, visit the Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers facebook page or the website at

2015 Crime Stoppers Month Proclamation