Are You Driving for a Transportation Network Company?

Transportation Network Companies (Lyft, Uber X, Sidecar, Wingz, Summon, Taxify and Haxi for example) are currently not permitted to operate in the City of Corpus Christi. Several companies were notified by to meet the cities requirements or face enforcement actions as noted below:

Companies or individuals who operate vehicles-for-hire without proper license and permits are in violation of the Code and are subject to criminal prosecution and vehicle impoundment.”

In the event that you are currently driving for a Transportation Network Company in the City of Corpus Christi you are in violation of the following codes based on the definition of Taxicab and For Hire: 

Taxicab (defined): Every automobile or motor-propelled vehicle used for the transportation of passengers for hire over the public streets of the city and not over a defined or fixed route, irrespective of whether or not the operations extend beyond the city limits, at rates for distance traveled, for waiting time, for both or at rates per hour, per day, per week or per month under circumstances that such vehicle is routed under the direction of the passenger hiring same.

For Hire (defined): For money or other thing of value, gratuities, tips and free-will offerings, whether paid directly or indirectly, as compensation or consideration for services rendered.

Sec. 57-30. Certificate, license and permit required.

It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or operate or to cause to be driven or operated any taxicab upon or over any street or thoroughfare in the city unless the owner or operator thereof has first secured a certificate from the city to operate a taxicab and the required license and permit to operate such vehicle under this article has been issued.

Sec. 57-76. Prerequisites to issuance of license.

Upon obtaining a certificate to operate a taxicab service in the city as provided in this article, the holder shall make application to the taxicab inspector for a license to be issued for each vehicle to be operated as a taxicab. The application shall be accompanied by an inspection fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per vehicle to be licensed. Prior to the issuance of a license for a taxicab, the taxicab inspector shall conduct an inspection of the vehicle to determine that it complies with the requirements of this article and the regulations promulgated pursuant thereto. In the event a vehicle fails to pass this inspection, the certificate holder shall have ten (10) business days to remedy any defects and submit the vehicle for reinspection without the necessity of payment of an additional inspection fee. After the ten (10) business day reinspection period has lapsed, an additional fifteen dollar ($15.00) inspection fee per vehicle to be licensed will be applied.

Sec. 57-96. Taxicab or vehicle for hire driver’s permit required; permit fee.


Every person desiring to drive a taxicab or vehicle for hire in the city shall apply for and obtain a taxicab or vehicle for hire driver’s permit from the taxicab inspector. It shall be unlawful for any person holding a certificate for the operation of a taxicab service in the city to permit any person to drive a taxicab or vehicle for hire unless such person shall have a driver’s permit in good standing duly issued by the taxicab inspector, with the exception of inspection purposes under section 57-75.


The fee for an original, renewal or transfer taxicab or vehicle for hire driver’s permit is a nonrefundable fifty dollars ($50.00) and shall be paid at the time the permit application is filed with the taxicab inspector. The fee for a replacement permit is twenty dollars ($20.00).

Violators will be subject to the issue of the citations listed above (each carrying a penalty of up to $500) and impoundment of their vehicle.