Girl With Life Threatening Medical Condition Get Happy Birthday from Chief Markle And Area Law Enforcement Agencies


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Corpus Christi Police and area law enforcement agencies helped Mercedez Villarreal have a good birthday today through the Fraternal Order of Police’s Shop With A Cop program.

Mercedez Villarreal has suffered a life threatening medical condition and was referred for help to lift her spirits. The Fraternal Order Of Police arranged for local law enforcement agencies to take Mercedez on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart and then provide her lunch at Walbangers. Mercedez was escorted on her shopping trip by the Chief of the Corpus Christi Police, Mike Markle. Mercedez was outfitted with a tiara and sash by employees at Wal-Mart and the bakery provided the cake.

Thank you for all the wonderful individuals from area law enforcement agencies, and the employees of Wal-Mart and Walbangers for making this a special day for Mercedez.