Corpus Christi Police Host International Police Visitors

Major Aimer Alonso Triana and Major Andrea Rojas of the Colombian National Police sit with “J” Shift for roll call before they begin their ride-along.
Major Aimer Alonso Triana of the Colombian National Police rides with Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Ramiro Rodriguez.
Telemundo reporter Anayeli Ruiz records Senior Officer Ramiro Rodriguez as he explains Police equipment to Major Aimer Alonso Triana of the Colombian National Police.

Several leaders in the Colombian National Police are visiting Corpus Christi through he International Visitor Leadership Program to see how Corpus Christi Police conduct business. The Single Country Project: Colombia Leadership Management and Standards in the Judicial and Law Enforcement Environment, seeks law enforcement agencies who excel in the law enforcement industry so that they may return to their agency and set best practices in place. Corpus Christi Police was chosen along with Baltimore, Md; Cincinnati, Oh; Sacramento, Ca; and Washington, D.C. for the leaders to visit. Corpus Christi was selected because of the reputation of the great community relationships we have locally. The leadership are focused to learn how we accomplished such great community relationships. The leaders are doing a ride-a-long tonight to see our Officers interaction with the community in hopes to learn how we earned such a reputation.Be sure to say, “Hola!” if you see any of the leaders around town! They will be here for about two more days.