Police Announce Buc Days Parade Guidelines

Those who attend the Buc Days Illuminated Parade scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 2016 should be aware of a few guidelines to make the event fun and safe for everyone. Follow the Corpus Christi Police Twitter feed at @CorpusChristiPD for updates and progress of the parade.

The Parade route will close to traffic at 5:00pm.

Paraders are allowed to occupy their spot along the parade route starting at 5pm Friday. The open container ordinance remains in effect throughout the night on April 29. Alcohol consumption is only allowed on Saturday, April 30, from 8pm-10pm.

No one is allowed to block the public rights of way or entrances to private property and no one is permitted to be on private property without the owners consent. If a portable toilet is rented, it may be placed on the city property along the parade route, but not block any sidewalk, public right of way, or others access to the parade route.

There are a few prohibited items along the parade route. The use of any air horns, any Fireworks, Silly String, and impact firecrackers are all prohibited, so the public is encouraged to leave those items at home. Those who attend the parade are encouraged to bring trash containers to collect and remove their garbage. Everyone that attends should also be mindful of the City Ordinance Section 23-63 for littering in prohibited places.

The parade is a family event and there will be children enjoying the parade. The Corpus Christi Police wants everyone to enjoy the parade and promote a safe environment for all who attend.