Police Arrest Man Accused of Murder Sunday Night

Date: Sunday, May 8, 2016, 19:06
Location: Morgan Avenue at Port Avenue
Offense: Murder
Case Number: 1605080125

Corpus Christi Police arrested 49-year-old Stanley Purcell (3/10/1967) Sunday night for the accusation of murder that happened at Morgan Avenue at Port Avenue.

Corpus Christi Police responded to a fight at 7:06pm on Morgan Avenue at Port Avenue and found two people providing aid to a 35-year-old man who laid on the ground. The 35-year-old man had obvious injuries to the torso, which appeared to the officers as stab wounds, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital for treatment where the 35-year-old man later died.

Corpus Christi Police were directed to at 49-year-old man with accusations of causing the injuries to the 35-year-old man. Officers detained the 49-year-old man and spoke to witnesses at the scene. Detectives arrived at the scene to gather information and evidence. Detectives believe the 35-year-old man and the 49-year-old man somehow knew one another and got into a confrontation on the sidewalk next to a store. Detectives believe that the confrontation escalated to physical violence which ended with fatal injuries to the 35-year-old man.

The 49-year-old man was taken to Police Headquarters for an interview and was then arrested for murder. Officers then delivered the 49-year-old man to the city detention center. Detectives believe that there are no outstanding suspects in this case.

Corpus Christi Police would like anyone with any information about this case to provide that information to Homicide Detectives by calling 886-2600. The public is encouraged to provide any information they believe may be related to this case no matter how seemingly insignificant and the public should not assume Police have the information.