Police Supervisor Gets Letter of Commendation For Resolution of Attempted Kidnapping

(Left) Delta District Captain Robert Alvarado, Lieutenant Brian Hill, and Police Operations Commander David Blackmon
(Left) Delta District Captain Robert Alvarado, Lieutenant Brian Hill, and Police Operations Commander David Blackmon

Corpus Christi Police recognized the effort of Lieutenant Brian Hill for his actions to identify a suspect of an attempted kidnapping earlier this year. Lt. Hill’s supervisor, Captain Robert Alvarado, and Cpt. Alvarado’s supervisor, Commander David Blackmon, presented Lt. Hill with a letter of commendation today and provided the following synopsis:

Lieutenant Brian Hill responded to 820 Elesa (Zavala Elementary School) on March 30, 2016 in reference to a possible Kidnapping that just occurred. While he directed his troops to handle the call, he still played an active role in the investigation that was unfolding. In the initial steps of the investigation, a possible suspect was located. Lt. Hill managed the field identification that netted negative results. He also tried to get video footage of the incident from school officials. He was unable to make contact with anyone at that time, but he did not stop there. Lt. Hill and Senior Officer Goce followed up the next day with school officials and were able to locate footage of the attempted kidnapping. Due to that footage, it was discovered that the suspect had a tattoo on his right calf. It was also found that the suspect was in a Volkswagen Jetta.

Throughout the next month Lt. Hill patrolled the neighborhood in an attempt to locate the suspect vehicle from that incident. On May 5, 2016, his efforts came to fruition. While patrolling the area of 24th Street and Ruth, Lt. Hill saw a 2015 Black Volkswagen Jetta that matched the suspect vehicle he had been looking for, for over a month. Lt. Hill stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver as he pulled into the Dollar General store that was less than 1 block from the location of the original crime. Lt. Hill saw that the driver had a tattoo on his calf that matched the video of the suspect he had previously discovered. Lt. Hill was then able to speak to the suspect and got him to willingly come in to CID to give a recorded statement to detectives.

Lt. Hill displayed a tenacious work ethic in his relentless pursuit of a kidnapping suspect. Lt. Hill could have easily let Detectives follow up on the vehicle, issue a BOLO for the suspect vehicle and left it to his troops to possibly locate the vehicle and suspect. Instead, he took the lead and never yielded in his search for this suspect. Lt. Hill has shown his officers, his peers, and his supervisors his ability to conduct a complete investigation and his dedication to duty.

Lt. Brian Hill is hereby commended for his actions in relation to the Attempted Kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl at Zavala Elementary on March 30, 2016. Lt. Hill’s professionalism reflects well upon himself, the Corpus Christi Police Department, and the citizens that he serves.

Lieutenant Hill has been employed with the Corpus Christi Police Department since 1979.

Detectives have filed the attempted kidnapping case with the District Attorney’s Office for presentation to a Grand Jury.