Corpus Christi Police Remember Officer John Sartain

Sartain 8X10

The Corpus Christi Police Department remembers Patrol Officer John William Sartain who was shot and killed by a sniper on August 20, 1971 at 11pm.

Officer Sartain walked to his patrol unit to begin his shift with partner, Gilbert Lazo. A 16 year old sniper shot Officer Sartain in the head from an apartment 200 yards away. Officer Sartain was 22 years of age and is survived by a wife and daughter.

The sniper pled not guilty to the charges and was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in 1971. He was later paroled in 1984.

Corpus Christi’s founder, Henry L. Kinney, named many of the city streets after nature, including one of the city’s original streets; Laguna St. Laguna St. was renamed in 1991 as John Sartain St.