Police Remember Sgt. J.D. Bock

The Corpus Christi Police Department remembers Sergeant Joseph Daniel Bock who was killed in the line of duty September 9, 1987. Officer Danny Bock initiated a traffic stop for speeding. Unknown to Officer Bock, the suspect had just been involved in a burglary. The violator refused to yield and Officer Bock pursued the vehicle for 10 miles until the violator vehicle crashed on Staples Street near the Botanical Gardens.

Officer Bock confronted the suspect and a struggle ensued. The suspect took Officer Bock’s service revolver and shot officer Bock twice. Officer Bock was 40 years of age, served with the Corpus Christi Police Department for 13 years, and was survived by his wife and two daughters.

A city park was named in memorial to Sergeant Bock and it is located at 7327 Canadian Drive, 78414.