Police Remember Luther Prather

Prather 8X10September 14, 1919 Corpus Christi Police Officer Luther B. Prather was called to duty when the Hurricane of 1919 made a direct hit on Corpus Christi.  He crossed the Rincon Channel to what is now North Beach a few times rescuing victims of the storm and guiding them to refuge at the Old Nueces County Courthouse.

Officer Prather even brought a few of the victims to his own home near Mesquite and Taylor Streets, where his wife stayed with them. The water rose very quickly in Corpus Christi Bay as the storm hit and while attempting to cross the Rincon Channel once more while escorting a small child and several adults, Prather was swept into the bay where all were drowned.

A true hero, Officer Prather was born in 1886 and had worked for the Department since approximately 1914. Please take a moment today to remember Officer Prater in your thoughts and prayers.