City Continues Water Distribution Points Tomorrow

The City of Corpus Christi will have five drive through Points of Distribution (PODS) for water beginning at 8a.m., Sunday, December 18 but will close if weather creates a safety risk to the operators at the sites. The sites include the Lindale Senior Center at 3135 Swantner Street, the C.C. Gym/Natatorium, 3202 Cabaniss Road, the Garden Senior Center, 5325 Greely Drive, the Oveal Williams Senior Center, 1414 Martin Luther King Drive and the Greenwood Senior Center, 4040 Greenwood Drive.
Please follow traffic cones and signage at each location in order to ensure smooth traffic flow and operation. There is a limit of one case of water per vehicle.
Thank you to all the city departments and volunteers for the hard work over the past several days. We are inspired by the manner in which the community has come together to help those in need and make sure their neighbors are safe.

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