Bexar County Medical Examiner Asking For Help

From the Bexar County Medical Examiners Office:

On November 15th, 2016, a passerby discovered a male individual at 8202 City-Base Landing at Goliad Rd. in San Antonio.  911 was called and EMS arrived and pronounced this man dead at this scene.

We cannot confirm the positive identification of this male individual.  Our office has run fingerprint checks with our usual agencies, such as the Texas DPS, SAPD, BCSO, and Homeland Security, all with negative results.  We have checked with the Haven for Hope since it is believed this individual may have been homeless. That check also had negative results.

The attached digital postmortem rendition was made by a Texas Rangers Forensic Artist of the Texas Rangers Evidential Art and Facial Identification Office in Austin, Texas. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office is requesting your assistance in finding a relative of this individual by disseminating this photo and information. Please feel free to share this photo and information with any media outlet we may have overlooked.

This deceased individual was found to be 5’06” in height and 180 lbs. in weight.  He was wearing a gray short-sleeved shirt with a blue bandana in the shirt pocket, a gray t-shirt, blue jeans with a pocket knife and cigarette lighter in the jeans pocket, a men’s brown belt, and a pair of black/white tennis shoes with white socks. There was a black Roadmaster bicycle next to this decedent’s body.  There were two plastic bags with clothes tied to the handlebars of this bicycle.

This deceased individual had an old expired Texas DPS ID card in his pants pocket with the identification of Alvin Edward Shewmaker with a Date of Birth of 01-23-1944 with an old address in Corpus Christi, Texas. The male in the ID photo was wearing dark-rimmed eyeglasses. At this time we cannot confirm that this decedent is Mr. Shewmaker in this ID.

Contact the Bexar County Medical Examiners Office if you can help.


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