Patrol Report March 22, 2017

Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 7:58 PM
Location: 600 Texan Trail
Offense: Aggravated Assault, Unlawful Restraint
Case Number: 1703210145

Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to the area of 600 Texan Trail in reference a disturbance with a weapon. The call stated that the complainant was going to wait for them at the Whataburger at the corner of Texan Trail and Alameda. Officers arrived and could not locate the complainant. Dispatchers could not contact the complainant by phone so the officers quickly went to the address at 600 Texan Trail. Officers arrived but got no answer and observed a broken window. Officers went to the back of the apartment and located the 41 year old male suspect and the 34 year old female victim who was crying hysterically.

Officers separated the two and spoke to the victim. The victim advised that the suspect had been staying with her for about a week. She stated that when she asked him to leave he refused. She advised that the suspect held her down against her will on the bedroom floor. He would not let her leave and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming. The victim advised she managed to get up and broke the bedroom window so she could be heard as she cried for help. The suspect again covered her mouth and also took out a knife and threatened to stab her and told her he wasn’t leaving. The victim feared for her safety and believed that the suspect was going to stab her. Officers arrested Robert Alvarado (01-21-1976) and transported him to the City Detention Center.

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 12:36 AM
Location: Lotus St. and Mussett St.
Offense: Aggravated Assault
Case Number: 1703220008

Corpus Christi Police Officers responded to the area of Mussett and Lotus in reference to a stabbing. Upon arrival officers were given a description of a suspect carrying a couple bags and wearing a white shirt. Officers checked the area and located the suspect and detained him. The 36 year old male suspect was found to have a rusted razor blade in his back pocket.

The 20 year old victim had been transported to Spohn Memorial Hospital for treatment. Officers contacted her at the hospital. The victim stated that she was in her car and observed a male walking in the parking lot and looking into cars. The victim called police, leaned her seat back and watched the suspect while she was on the phone with dispatchers. The victim stated that the suspect came up to her car and attempted to open her door. The victim began to honk her and her brother came out to assist her. The victim stated that they were attempting to keep the suspect from leaving until police arrived. The victim stated that the suspect reached into his pocket and came at her in a stabbing motion. The victim was unable to get away and was stabbed several times to her back and torso.

The victim was treated and released from the hospital. Officers arrested Armando Davila Jr. (09-02-1980) and transported him to the City Detention Center.