Graveyard Patrol Officers Get Guns and Drugs Off Our Streets

The following was taken from the overnight contact report from Lieutenant Colby Burris.

2134Hrs     UCW-Firearm; POCS PG-1     2000 17th St.     1711260141

D480 Jones and D470 Barnes were dispatched to 2000 block of 17th street for a complaint of drug activity.  Officer Jones arrived and observed a 2015 White Chrysler 300 parked in front of the location and sat up on it.  The vehicle started rolling and failed to signal a turn onto Staples where a traffic stop was conducted.  Laura Alejandro 6-4-88 was contacted as the driver and there was also a male passenger in the vehicle. Investigation lead to the discovery of two handguns, methamphetamine, and synthetic cannabinoid in the vehicle.  Both subjects denied ownership ownership of any of the items.  Alejandro, the driver and owner of the vehicle, was placed under arrest for listed charges.  One of the firearms was reported stolen from Houston PD in 2009.  GREAT INVESTIGATION AND ARREST GETTING TWO GUNS AND NARCOTICS OFF OF THE STREET.

Laura Alejandro

Laura Lynn Alejandro, 06/04/1988