Ride Share safety tips

Here are a few tips that we recommend for your safety when using a ride share service.

Confirm Your Driver and Car Before Getting in
Always confirm the license plate and name of the driver before getting in. This information should be readily visible on the app that you are using.

Share your Trip
If you are traveling alone use the option that will allow you to share your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) with someone else. This is the easiest and quickest way to let someone track your ride and know your whereabouts in case something happens.

Know Your Surroundings
Most apps will allow you to track your route via GPS (Global Positioning System). Be sure to pay attention to this to ensure that your driver is taking the correct route. If you feel uncomfortable with your driver, ask them to stop the vehicle and get out.

Wear Your Seat Belt
It is important to wear your seatbelt when traveling in a motor vehicle. If your driver is involved in a collision this is the best way to prevent yourself from being injured.

Never Pay Cash
Most apps draw payment electronically and will also allow you to tip at the end of your ride.